President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) holds the race for the candidacy in his party for open. In an interview with the star, he replied to the question of whether the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the first access right: “right of access? I don’t like this die-cut formulations. You will communicate at any given time.”

At the same time, Schäuble hinted that the fight will go to the CDU chairmanship of losing Friedrich Merz in the candidate, a role question play. “I never had a doubt in my mind that Friedrich Merz is willing to engage in the CDU for this democracy. And I also, in the future, don’t have it.” Asked whether the statement, “Merz? Table over.” on the lips, come, said the 76-Year-old: “I use the phrase only when deadlines threaten to expire.”

Schäuble called debates on staff self-satisfaction

The former Interior and Finance Minister, spoke out against the star against a premature end to the Grand coalition and early elections. “All the politicians that have been elected for this term, also wanted to be chosen – you will not be selected against his will. The election also means a special obligation.” This Great coalition was now a reign of three years. “We should not hire permanently for a new speculation, and when it ends.” In this regard, Schaeuble called on his party to focus on substantive issues. “We are not elected to lead staff discussions. This is just for self-satisfaction.”


what to do with Friedrich Merz? – As the CDU is at odds with the role of the mad artist


Schäuble expressed the expectation that the new CDU leader sets the goal of the AfD her. “Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer has since, as chair of the largest party in Germany has a special responsibility.”

Schaeuble acknowledged that, as President of the Bundestag in dealing with the AfD is sometimes difficult to hold back. The formal Would not be his “all of the strongest side”. He had to learn, therefore, in his old days yet, what his parents had been trying to teach; “You don’t have to submit always to your comment.”

The complete discussion with Wolfgang Schäuble, read in the new issue of the star.

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