The milky way is a galaxy crash is imminent: The Large Magellanic cloud, a companion of our home galaxy, in about 2.4 billion years ago, with your collide, predictions of Simulation calculations of a group of researchers from the University of Durham in the UK.

The astronomers think it is possible that in the case of the Crash of the two galaxies, our solar system from its orbit is thrown. The Team of Marius Cautun presents its forecast in the journal “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” (MNRAS).

The Large Magellanic cloud is the brightest satellite galaxy of the milky way. The of the southern hemisphere from the visible star system consists of approximately 15 billion suns. It is our home galaxy, which has up to 300 billion suns orbiting in approximately 163.000 light-years away. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. The dwarf galaxy has only reached around 1.5 billion years of our cosmic neighborhood.

until now, astronomers had assumed that the Large Magellanic cloud orbit either the milky way for many billions of years or, thanks to their high speed which would be difficult to escape the force of our home galaxy and into space, disappearing, explained the University in a communication. The Supercomputer Simulation of the team to Cautun prediction of a collision with the milky way in about two billion years ago.

“While two billion years compared with a man’s very long life, it is according to cosmic standards, a short period of time”, underlined Cautun. The merger will change our home galaxy. The Crash will bring the Central Black hole of the milky way to immense activity. It will absorb large quantities of matter and, therefore, on the eight fold mass to increase and a so-called active galaxy core.

“This phenomenon will create powerful Jets of high-energy radiation, which is just outside of the Black hole spring,” predicts Cautun. “While this will not affect our solar system, there is a small risk that we will not escape unscathed from the collision of the two galaxies, which could get us out of the milky way to outer space.”

The Crash is going to fling a significant number of stars from the disk of the milky way in the so-called Halo, a spherical-shaped arrangement of stars that surrounds our galaxy. This Halo will increase the Simulation calculations according to the collision to five times. Also, our solar system could possibly be in the Halo thrown.

However, the swelling of our sun around this time is already a Red giant star, making it too hot for life on our planet will be. If mankind still exists, must have been looking for another home.

The galaxy crash is, according to the astronomers overdue. The milky way, explain measured at comparable star Islands, in the course of cosmic history only very few other galaxies incorporated, you. The neighboring Andromeda galaxy have swallowed almost 30 Times as much mass as our home galaxy. The collision with the Large Magellanic cloud will bring the galactic statistics back to the Lot.

In about eight billion years, the milky way will merge, then, according to astronomers calculations with the even larger Andromeda galaxy, the zurase currently with a speed of about 400,000 kilometers per hour on us.


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