The key messages in the Overview:Robert Habeck killed talking in the election campaign video of nonsense (19.58 PM)German skier from avalanche in Austria (17.50 hours)at Least 35 Dead in collapse of a gold mine in Afghanistan (12.38 PM)travellers in Austria due to snow case included (12.38 PM)Scholz warns of the end of the upswing in Germany (8.20 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 21.04 PM: National security adviser Bolton calls the conditions for U.S. withdrawal from Syria +++

After the announcement of US President, Donald Trump for the withdrawal of all US troops from Syria has called his National security adviser, John Bolton conditions. In the case of a deduction must be ensured that the jihadists militia defeat the Islamic state (IS) and not be able to re-sharp and re-emerge as a threat, said Bolton, after a Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. In addition, the security of the U.S. must be guaranteed allies in the Region.

+++ 19.58 PM: Habeck criticism and ridicule for the election campaign-Video-to-Thuringia +++

The Green-Chairman Robert Habeck reap has contracted with a call for support at the state election in Thuringia, ridicule and criticism. In one of the Thuringian Green published an Internet video, he said: “We try to make everything in order that Thuringia is an open, free, liberal, democratic country, an ecological country.”

The Eastern province is to be free and democratic? The of there master by the end of the Bundestag Executive Director of the SPD Carsten Schneider, replied with irony: “In which prison I lived for the last years?”, he asked, also on the kurnachrichten service Twitter. SPD Deputy chief Ralf Stegner wrote: “A bit arrogant of this campaign style.” Others pointed to the coalition that currently governs in Thuringia: formed by the left party, the SPD and the Greens. The Video is now from the mains.

+++ 17.50 PM: the German avalanche in Austria killed +++

A German skier in the Austrian Vorarlberg in an avalanche and killed. The accident happened in Schoppernau, said a police spokesman confirmed a report by the news Agency APA. On the origin of the 1992-born man, he made for the time being, no further information. The skier was in spite of the high avalanche risk off-piste on the go, such as the APA reported. His companion got him dug out from the snow masses, but he had still died at the accident site.

+++ 16.55 PM: masterminds of the attack on the “USS Cole” from the US-army +++

US President Donald Trump killed has confirmed that the US army has one of the masterminds of the bomb attack on the U.S. warship “USS Cole” was killed in October 2000 in Yemen’s Aden. “We have killed the leader of the attack, Jamal al-Badawi,” said Trump in the short-message service Twitter and confirmed details of the US military. The military had declared on Friday that al-Badawi is believed to have been in an attack in Yemen killed.

+++ 15: Lufthansa cancels eight Compounds due to Strikes in Berlin +++

Lufthansa has to leave due to the warning Strikes of security personnel at Berlin’s airports on Monday morning, eight of the Connections fail. Four flights between Berlin-Tegel and Frankfurt as well as Berlin-Tegel and Munich, were affected in each case, the Airline informed. The 850 affected passengers could use their Tickets to travel by train, it said. Because the passengers are likely to have “at this time probably no way to reach their booked flights”.

+++ 14.08 PM: Cologne police determined to be a two-shot charges on the open road +++

Once in Cologne on Friday, two Times shots on the open road fell, checks the police have a connection. The police was informed of the North Rhine-Westphalian metropolis on Sunday. On Friday afternoon, a 29-Year old, after in the center of several shots fired. The prisoners at the end of man a sharp shot gun was carrying.

On Friday night Unknown made in addition, more than a dozen shots from a sharp weapon on a game room. The projectiles smashed into the facade and the Outside of the glass, some bullets through the glass panes. Although in the game room about 15 to 20 guests were staying, according to police no one was hurt.

+++ 12.41 PM: at Least 35 Dead in collapse of a gold mine in Afghanistan +++

at Least 35 people have been killed in the collapse of a tunnel in a gold mine in the North-East of Afghanistan according to the local administration. At least twelve more had been injured in the accident, said a member of the Council of the province of Badakhshan, the news Agency dpa. Many men were still trapped. It is a Mine without any safety standards. A spokesman for the Governor of Badakhshan has confirmed the accident, but no casualty figures.

+++ 12.38 PM: travellers in Austria due to snow if you have included +++

vacationers and travelers to fight in Austria with the masses of Snow. Hundreds of train Passengers were stranded early in the Morning, about four hours in Leogang, Austria in Kitzbühel on the open range because of a snow-Laden tree had fallen on the tracks. The tourist traffic, the important Tauern motorway was blocked due to avalanche blasting in the short term.

+++ 11.41 am: First “Escape Game”offerings to the fire tragedy in Poland +++

closed After the devastating fire in a so-called Escape Game in Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced far-reaching consequences. The first game places had been closed by the authorities, said the politicians of the law and justice party (PiS) on a televised press conference. The country had been since the disaster of Friday evening, approximately 200 checks carried out.

+++ 11.40 PM: second highest avalanche warning level of the Bavarian Alps out +++

After the heavy snow call cases in Bavaria, the second-highest avalanche warning level has been declared for the Alps. “There is great avalanche risk prevails in the Bavarian Alps,” said the avalanche warning service Bavaria. “The main problem of the huge load of Snow on the unstable old snow is on the ceiling.”

The avalanche danger on the five-point scale with the second highest category. “From snow to snow the rich and the engine loaded, the catchment areas of all exposures, is with the self-triggered loose snow and slab avalanches, which are in the trajectory to deeper layers and, therefore, of great proportions,” said the avalanche warning service.

+++ 10.58 PM: AfD-office in Berlin with paint bombs were thrown at +++

Unknown to have thrown bags in Berlin a party office of the AfD with color. The damage to the buildings in the district of Lichterfelde was noticed in the night to the Sunday of the protection patrol, the police announced. The further investigation of the property damage, the Police state took over protection of the land office of criminal investigation.

On Thursday evening, it was before the AfD-party office to come in the Saxon town of Döbeln of an Explosion. This appears to be a relatively strong pyrotechnics was used. To the building substantial damage. In lower Saxony, was also damaged the house of the Emsland AfD-district Council of deputies and smeared.

+++ 9.50 PM: number of dead after the storm in the Philippines to 126 +++

increased Well a week after the devastating storm in the Philippines, the number of dead has risen to 126. 26 people are still missing, as the spokesman of the civil protection authority, Edgar Posadas, the AFP news Agency said. The search for the Missing, but the rescue was being hampered use through mud and unstable ground. The authority fears that the number of victims will continue to rise.

+++ 8.20 PM: Scholz warns of the end of the upswing in Germany +++

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, has warned of an end to the upturn in Germany. “The beautiful time, in which the state assumes more and more control, as expected, comes to an end,” said Scholz, the “picture on Sunday”. “For 2018, we can still identify a tax surplus, but now the fat years are over.” From now on, he expects “there will be no unexpected more revenue, and certainly not of such magnitude”.

The Union demanded the complete abolition of the solidarity contribution Scholz rejects categorically. “In the coalition negotiations, we have agreed to, for good reasons, that citizens should have to pay a very high income, more solos,” said Scholz. Those who earn a Million euros per year, would pay through the abolition of Soli € 24,000 less in taxes. “Even I, as a Federal Minister with 180,000 euros-a-year income would save by the complete abolition of about 3600 euros in taxes per year. This is not the right way.”

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