The brother-in-law of the missing 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin, despite its release still under suspicion. “He is still a defendant in the proceedings,” said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office on Friday. Police and prosecutors are so against the 27-Year-old, because they suspect him, Rebecca on 18. To have February killed.

The man was already taken out two Times, most recently, a warrant was issued. This was lifted on Friday by an investigating judge. Advance a so-called detention was a complaint of his lawyer against the remand.

Despite intensive investigation, no new evidence

The spokeswoman said that it is also the proportionality between the Seriousness of the offence, the duration of the investigation and the evidence. In this case, the evidence has not changed in the past few weeks. That is, there is no new evidence or evidence against the man came in spite of the intensive investigations by the police. Because the Arrest of a man he was believed to have a strong interference with his fundamental right, in this case, in view of the stagnating investigation “at some point, no longer defensible”.

Missing Rebecca

dogs water bodies smell and the Prosecutor’s office in the search for Rebecca to use


In a further statement to the press emphasized that it would not object to the release. Nevertheless, the search for the missing girls would run intensively: “We will do everything to the Disappearance of Rebecca to clarify,” said a spokesman.

tis / DPA

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