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flight operations in Heathrow again (19.45)Video attack on the AfD-politician Magnitz (18.42 hrs)shows a torture accusation against the Kurdish government in Iraq (16.27 PM)MAD-man because of secret treason in court (16: 23)giant-fat-discovered mountain in the English sewer system (13.37 PM)

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+++ 21.50 PM: Head of Romania’s Anti-Corruption Agency resigns +++

in the face of much hostility, the Head of the anti-Corruption Agency has placed in Romania office. The Chairman of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Anca Jurma, said that the conditions for a further exercise of their office, were not given.

Jurma defendant a “hostile environment”, which was exposed to the DNA, as well as a very adverse media coverage about their work. Its predecessor, Laura Codruta Kovesi had to give up in July to pressure the government to their Posts at the top of the DNA.

Romania has the 1. January for the first time, the presidency of the EU Council taken over and is with Brussels, because of a planned reform of the judiciary on the cross. In the centre of the dispute, the proposed Amnesty law for corrupt officials and politicians.

+++ 21.13 at: USA: lending to consumers is growing stronger-than-expected +++

In the United States, the volume of consumers is increased in loans in November, more than experts expected. Compared to the previous month, the lending to 22.1 billion US dollars have increased, said the US Central Bank, the Fed in Washington. Economists had expected on average a rise of 17.5 billion dollars. In October, the credit volume had risen a revised 25,0 billion dollars (previously 25.4 billion).

+++ 20.48 PM: report: Cuba is not reported by Zika infections +++

Cuba should not have been reported according to one report, thousands of cases of infections with the Zika Virus in the year 2017. Authorities of the socialist Caribbean state had not communicated to the infections of the pan American health organization, reported the English-language science magazine “New Scientist”. Scientists at the US University of Yale were therefore expected that about 5700 people in Cuba were infected with the Virus. The country has officially reported but only around 1900 infections, reported the magazine.

The researchers examined 184 travelers who had become infected with Zika and found that 95 percent had stopped them in Cuba. You spoke of a hidden Zika outbreak in the second half of 2017, as “New Scientist” reported. The Virus had been brought in from travelers, 2016 on the island. The Zika Virus is transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and can also be used in sexual contact.

An infection, particularly in the first third of a pregnancy can cause the fetus to Microcephaly and other malformations of the brain. Children with Microcephaly are born with a particularly small head, often associated with mental retardation and other serious neurological disorders.

+++ 19.56 PM: In Egypt, who had disappeared from German in the custody of the authorities +++

for nearly two weeks in Egypt have disappeared, the German has been detained by the Egyptian authorities in custody. The German Embassy in Cairo did not receive an appropriate confirmation that the person Concerned was in the custody of the Egyptian authorities informed the Foreign office. The 23-year-old man from Göttingen with a German and Egyptian passport had been detained on arrival at Cairo airport. He was considered since then as missing.

The whereabouts of the disappeared, 18-year-old German-Egyptian pour out the Foreign office did not provide information.

+++ 19.45 PM: flights at Heathrow to stop again. + + +

it has been The because of a drone sighting is imposed to stop the departures from London’s Heathrow airport after an hour. An airport spokeswoman said in the evening, the news Agency AFP, the machine would start up again now. According to police reports, the sightings were reported shortly after 18 clock (CET) and all departures have been stopped immediately. On television images, an object was seen in the sky. The landings were consistently implemented as planned.

Chaos at the airport in London

Gatwick and the mysterious Shutdown case: The irritating communication to the police


Heathrow is the largest airport in the UK, but also one of the most important in the world is not. The incident caused a commotion, after three weeks of air traffic in the London Airport Gatwick by drone flights paralysed – at that time for several days. Around a thousand flights have been between the 19. and the 21. December, redirected, or dropped. Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded.

+++ 19.19 at: Other American citizens, apparently detained in Iran +++

The Iranian authorities seem to hold for months, a further US citizens. According to “New York Times” is no longer returned to the military veteran Michael R. White from California from a visit with his Iranian girlfriend in July according to home. From the U.S. state Department, she learned that he was detained in Iran, said his mother, Joanne White of the sheet. The allegations against him do not know. Before that, the 46 I have visited-Year-old easily several times his girlfriend in Iran. Since the USA do not have diplomatic relations with Iran, it had asked Switzerland, the son of a consular visit, she said – Bern, since 1980, the diplomatic interests of the USA.

The U.S. state Department has stated that it is aware of Reports of white’s detention, does not want to say for privacy reasons first of all, the Details. In Iran already, at least three other US citizens are being held, including two with Iranian roots.

+++ 19.02 PM: Heathrow airport stops to Tung Drones all start +++

After the sighting of a drone at London’s Heathrow airport, the departures from the Airport have been stopped for the time being. The police had been turned on, any threat to the security of the airport on Twitter. Only three weeks ago, drones were affected-incidents, the air traffic in the London Airport, Gatwick is massive.

+++ 18.42 PM: video footage shows the attack on the AfD-politician Magnitz +++

After the attack on the Bremen AfD country Manager Frank Magnitz the authorities are investigating them now on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. Recordings from Monitoringhow to identify cameras in the vicinity of the crime scene showed two people who approached the 66-Year-old from behind, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in the evening. A third Person should be added to it. One of the Unknown have hit the victim from behind, whereupon Magnitz was overthrown. The AfD in the Bundestag, suffered accordingly, with a heavily bleeding head injury. Then the Trio had fled. “We were able to determine on the video footage, no use of a strike object”, said a police spokeswoman.

The Bremen that the AfD had initially specified, the masked attacker had yesterday hit with a two-by-four Magnitz unconscious. Whether the perpetrators were seen on the video material, not to say the police investigation tactical reasons.

+++ 17.52 PM: a Turkish journalist due to research on tax havens +++

condemning The Turkish journalist Pelin Ünker has been sentenced according to research, “the Paradise Papers” on letter box companies and tax havens for insulting a high-ranking politician to around one year in prison. In addition, the former economy has to pay the editor of the daily newspaper “Cumhuriyet”, a fine of the equivalent of about 1400 Euro, as a court in Istanbul, according to media reports, decided. Ünker is supposed to have defamed, according to the court, with their work, Parliament chief Binali Yildirim and his sons. Yildirim was until Recently Prime Minister of Turkey.

data leak

Paradise Papers: How politicians and corporations use tax havens


As a member of an international group of journalists who had investigated the so-called “the Paradise Papers”, was Ünker tracks to Turkish companies registered in Malta followed. Some led to the sons of Binali Yildirim. Ünkers lawyer Abbas Yalcin said that the judgment was not yet final and Ünker appeal will take. Another lawyer, Tora Pekin said that the existence of the company in Malta, “was the subject of public criticism and therefore news value” ‘ve had. Ünker have had the right to report it. “These reports can not be the subject of an allegation. Journalism is not a Crime.”

+++ 17.11 watch: Russian lawyer, with contact to the Trump Team +++

accused The U.S. Department of justice has brought criminal charges against a Russian lawyer who during the election campaign of 2016, in contact with the Team of the current President, Donald Trump. The lawyer Natalia Weselnizkaja is accused of obstructing the U.S. Department of justice, in connection with a case of money laundering, such as New York, Federal prosecutors said. Weselnizkaja had met in June 2016, and with the Trump son Donald junior and Trump’s advisers in New York and the now against you collected charge does not apply, however, to your contacts to trump’s campaign team.

stair fall

Paul Gascoigne after a drunken brawl in the hospital

+++ 16.45: Ex-football star Gascoigne must for sexual harassment in court +++

England’s former national soccer player Paul Gascoigne is made for sexual harassment of the process: A court in Middlesbrough today the 14. October as a date. According to the British news Agency, Press Association the 51-Year-old pleaded not guilty.

Gascoigne was at 20. August have been arrested. He is accused of, to have a woman in a train against their will kissed. As the judge announced that he had to appear to the process personally, he said, he could hardly wait, because he had done “nothing wrong”. According to his attorney, Michelle Heeley, several witnesses will be able to Express that Gascoigne “have a propensity” to give to people in a harmless way, a kiss.

+++ 16.35 PM: police in Gelsenkirchen finds dead infant +++

The police discovered in an apartment in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, a dead infant. The child had in finding external injuries, such as the police in the North Rhine-told the Westphalian city. It seemed to have been killed. Accordingly, the officers discovered Years in the three-month-old child yesterday in the apartment of a 49. A homicide took over the investigation.

+++ 16.27 watch: Germany to accommodate 50 boat refugees +++

According to the Federal interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, Germany is ready to 50 boat refugees – see the Ball, but in the case of the EU-Commission. This was also the top representatives of the black-red coalition at a Meeting yesterday evening confirmed, said the CSU politician. “I think this is a clean trade-off between control of immigration and humanity.”

in Spite of the dramatic reports about the conditions on Board the two rescue ships in the Mediterranean, the EU States, so far, no solution for a total of 49 refugees. Of two ships from the Maltese coast is visible – but you are not allowed to moor there so far. The Maltese government calls for a distribution of nearly 250 refugees who are already in Malta, and other European countries. As a spokesman for Seehofer’s said, it’s a total of exactly 298 refugees – 249 of which were already in Malta. They had been saved the year by the Maltese coast guard.

+++ 16.23 PM: MAD-man because of secret treason in court +++

A Lieutenant Colonel of the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) of 20. March trial before the Cologne district court because of secret treason in the case of the extreme right-wing German soldiers Franco. The 42-year-old officer will accused of having a Suspect out of the haze of the circle by Franco A. of impending searches by the Federal Prosecutor General warned, informed the district court of Cologne. The MAD has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

The case, Franco A. had beaten significant waves. The Offenbach-born Lieutenant should be prepared according to the indictment, from an extreme right-wing sentiment out an attack on a politician or a human rights activist. To do this, he should have procured arms, ammunition and explosives – part of the holdings of the Bundeswehr. According to the higher regional court of Frankfurt, but it is “more likely than not” that the soldier was already determined to commit an attack. For the proceedings against the MAD officer three negotiations are scheduled days, in accordance with the 20. also the 27. March and 3. April.

+++ 15.49 PM: French collect more than 100,000 euros for arrested Boxer +++

An Online fundraiser for a captured French Boxer has more than provided € 100,000. The money the lawyer costs for the previous Boxprofi Christophe Dettinger ceilings, for a fist attack on police officers in the case of a “Gelbwesten”Demonstration in police custody, such as the Crowdfunding site Leetchi announced. Dettinger, a term of imprisonment threatens.

In the case of the now-ended collective action more than 117,000 euros were raised, according to data from Leetchi. Members of the French government, called the appeal “shocking” and “unworthy”. Violence against police officers is paying off, apparently criticized about Digital-Secretary of state, Mounir Mahjoubi.

+++ 14.41 PM: human rights group accuses the Kurdish government in Iraq to torture before +++

The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses the Kurdish government in Northern Iraq, the torture of Minors. The Asajisch would have struck security forces detained young people, among other things, on the whole body, tightly bound in a painful attitude, and with electric shocks, abused, reported HRW, torture happens still in the “alarming frequency”. The Kurds in Northern Iraq enjoy a far-reaching autonomy rights. They belong to the Iraqi forces, which had pushed back the IS in the past few years. The Kurdish regional government has rejected in the past allegations of torture. The human rights organisation had its own information, in November last year, more than 20 boys between 14 and 17 years interviewed, most of whom are in prison.

+++ 14.40 PM: Iran is, according to The Hague to be responsible for two murders in the Netherlands +++

Iran according to the Dutch government for two murders of opponents of the regime in the Netherlands. The Dutch foreign Minister Stef Blok said in The Hague. He relied on information from the secret service. The murders were, according to the Minister, one of the reasons that the European Union (EU) imposed new sanctions against two Iranian and an Iranian security service. In 2015 and 2017 had been murdered in Almere, near Amsterdam and in The Hague, two critical of the regime Iranians, who had Dutch passports. The Dutch intelligence service AIVD have “strong evidence” that the government put in Tehran behind it. The Dutch government condemned these actions, and speaks of an “unacceptable” violation of Dutch sovereignty.

+++ 14.19 PM: Former Stasi-Officer Birthler looks “with concern” in the East +++

The former head of the Stasi records authority, Marianne Birthler, has been observing the political development in East Germany with concern. “I would be relieved at the end of 2019, if the democratic parties will be stronger than the AfD,” said Birthler editorial network Germany (RND). In Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg, where in September and October, a new country, days are selected, the AfD in polls currently on par or just behind the leading government parties. “If, as in the GDR, freedom of expression is suppressed, if diversity is undesirable, then the spoils of the political culture in a country.” Then there is no positive relationship to freedom, so Birthler was developing.

+++ 14.13 PM: another earthquake in the southwest of Japan +++

Within a few days of the southwest Japan has been rocked again by a strong earthquake. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9, the provinces of Miyazaki and Kagoshima on Japan’s southern main island of Kyushu, met. A warning of a Tsunami has not been issued. Also no reports on possible damage or injuries were initially. Just five days ago, an earthquake had shaken Kumamoto, located on Kyushu. There were came in the spring of 2016 in the case of an earthquake disaster, dozens of people were killed.

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