queues a start in the Wilderness more often, ticks and other parasites. However, diamond Python “Nike” has more than just a few with dragged. Tony Harrison, a professional snake catcher in Australia, has found the reptile in a garden pool. Dotted with over 500 ticks.

On Facebook, Harrison has the most amazing pictures, even for him, the sight after 26 years in the business is shared with a Premiere on Facebook. Now, Nike “international headlines,” writes.

Python “Nike” feel again “tangy”

According to Harrison, who brought the snake to the vets, it could be the Plan of the “Nike” to drown the pesky beasts in the Pool. In any case, the tick gave her a hard time. “The Slim felt clearly uncomfortable,” the snake-catcher to the British BBC. “Your whole face was swollen, and completely covered with the ticks,” said Harrison. How to see on a picture

Posted: Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher on Wednesday, may 9. January 2019

to remove The queue from the Pool, I felt for him, how to keep “a bag full of marbles”. He could have saved “Nike” life. Although snakes in the Wild, they catch more ticks and other parasites, but the seemingly high number of “Nike’s” body would speak according to the experts, for a disease. “It is clear that the animal is seriously ill and his natural defenses are broken down,” quoted the BBC a Veterinarian. “I doubt that the animal would have survived if it had not been saved and treatment would get.”

On Facebook snake catcher Harrison reported on the current state of health of “Nike”. The diamond Python apparently had an infection. But the beast is back on the mend. “Nike is today, a little tangy,” he log.

Nike looks so much better thanks to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation

Posted by Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher on Thursday, 10. January 2019

sources: BBC, Facebook Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Center


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