More than ten years after the mysterious death of the Gorch Fock are liable to cadet Jenny boken has rolled out the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office the case again. The death investigation proceedings had been resumed, said the authority.

According to the statements of a witness would have to be checked a couple of points. The particulars of this witness were based, however, Essentially say stop, it said. They had been in 2008, a soldier of the German armed forces, but belongs neither to the Navy nor to the crew of the Gorch Fock.

parents see instructions for murder

About an upcoming resumption of the death investigation had to mirror a few days ago already “The” is reported. The investigations in the case of boken had been set in 2009.

The 18-year-old Jenny boken was in the night of the 4. September 2008, during a training cruise of the sailing training ship of the Navy in a guard on Board. The circumstances of his death remained unclear. The corpse was only recovered after eleven days, from the North sea. The investigator considered a misfortune for most likely.

Sworn statements of former soldiers

The parents saw, however, even evidence for a murder. You are relying on a sworn statement by a former Bundeswehr members, which was heard in April of this year after a sex – change operation – of the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office as a witness.

senior Prosecutor Axel Bieler had said at the time, the statement will be reviewed and then decided whether the death investigation is re-opened. The witness had once been a PAL of Jenny boken in the army, said Biel at the end of April, according to the Prosecutor’s questioning.

tis / DPA

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