the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, have to make do in the face of problems in the government of flyers with a smaller machine. The SPD politician wanted to fly today, actually, with a large A340-machine to the meeting of the International monetary Fund (IMF) to Washington.

but He must now take a smaller A321 with a fuel stop in Iceland. Scholz wanted to travel with the larger government plane “Konrad Adenauer,” in the United States. This remains, but after another tire problem in the case of a landing for the time being on the ground. The machine had only been once withdrawn from circulation until the analysis of the incident is complete, said a spokesman for the air force on Wednesday.

According to his information, a tire was at the landing of the Airbus A340 at the airport in Cologne/Bonn on Tuesday afternoon burst. The speaker that had been the “Konrad Adenauer” on a functional test flight. On Board was beside the Crew technician.

The “Konrad Adenauer” had already at the 1. April had her first service flight after a four-month overhaul a puncture. After a nine-hour flight from Berlin to New York with foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on Board, a tire, lost on landing, the air, the Airbus was not able to come independently to the Parking position and had to be towed.

Scholz was already affected by the problems with the government pilots. Last October, he had to because of a broken machine on his way back from the IMF meeting in Indonesia to reschedule. Be Airbus “Konrad Adenauer” was a victim of rodents, which apparently had electric cables chewed through. Scholz was rebooked on a flight.



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