The Easter holidays are coming up. During the good Friday is celebrated as a so-called silent holiday, and in some States, strict prohibitions apply, to celebrate many Christians, the Easter Saturday of the collective. In many places this is happening at an Easter fire. Either for a big Event in the village, or on private property. Who would like to have in the home garden a Easter fire abrennen, but it must follow some rules.

Playing with the idea of an Easter fire on the own plot of land to align, you first need a permit from the municipality. This applies to every major fire. The permission is to be obtained, should be taken some precautions, before the kindling pile can be lit. And even when the fire is blazing already, caution is advised.

Easter holidays

dance ban on good Friday: What not) is allowed in which state (

an Easter fire is a hazard for animals

waste like household – and bulky waste, painted and treated wood, chipboard, tyres, or plastic is have to look in the Easter fire. Be burned with wood preservatives-treated pieces can result in toxic gases that are inhaled with the smoke. Burned only a year seizure may cut end of Plants – well-dried tree – and shrub cuttings or brushwood. An important factor is the neighbourhood protection. In order to avoid danger for the surrounding houses, you should make sure that the neighbors of your fire will not be bothered or affected. A tip: Avoid to burn wet wood, because otherwise a lot of smoke developed, and neighbors may feel harassed

A big fire is always an intervention in the environment. Large bundles of brushwood are a preferred habitat for small animals. Beetles, wild bees, toads, hares, hedgehogs, mice and weasels are looking for a safe shelter. Also, many birds start nesting. Bird species such as Wren, Robin and dunnock brood pile very fond of in such brushwood. In order for the animals not to burn in the Easter fire, should be collected branches and twigs of environmentalists, only shortly before the Burning, or completely rearranged.

accelerant at your own risk

Because of the smoke and the heat, a sufficient safety margin should be observed, and at least 50 meters to buildings and trees and at least 100 metres to the next road. Flammable liquids such as gasoline or alcohol carry a high risk. There is a danger of explosion. Better is to use wood chips, twigs or grill lighter. The Sparks can be in strong Wind can be dangerous. Bales of straw, a comfortable seat, although the opportunity may ignite but only by the heat radiation.

with caution, especially in smaller children. You are subject to quickly the fascination of the fire, and underestimate the danger. The fire pit should be supervised on each case, for so long, until it is completely cooled. It comes in spite of all precautions, an injury, provide first aid. Minor burns are cooled immediately with ten to 20 degrees Celsius cold water, and a maximum of ten minutes long. In the case of extensive burns, the thing is that it should be deleted. Prolonged cooling will lead to complications. In any case, the emergency physician is immediately to alert the emergency number 112.

Norderstedt, near Hamburg,

the greens want to enforce a ban of Easter fires, with a few exceptions

with the advance, the Greens want to keep the air in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, and the health of citizens, protect.

By Daniel desert mountain fk / AFP

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