The British cheap fashion chain Primark device again and again because of the working conditions in the manufacture of their products in the critique. And in Erklärungsnot: In the UK 2014 alleged SOS-help pieces, call in clothes have been discovered – the company has expressed then considerable doubt as to the authenticity.

Now, an unusual find in a Primark Shop again creates a stir. A customer in the Store, from Colchester (Britain) should have discovered in a sock, apparently, a human bone, as reported by the BBC.

Controversial cheap fashion chain Primark

Why the Primark principle is not in order – even if it is cheap

Gernot Kramper, Primark does not include staged bone-finds from the

Because of the bone, no skin remains having so the police of Essex, from the officials which is currently not an immediate disaster in connection with the Fund. “Without further Tests, the officials can’t determine how old and where the bone comes,” said a police spokesman to the BBC. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The cheap fashion chain-no evidence that “the incident would be available” in the factory, Primark. The company will take the discovery “very seriously”. With Primark indicating that the Fund might have been deliberate: There is no evidence of an incident in the factory existed, it was “very likely that a Person has placed this object in the socks for unexplained reasons.” Such “single cases” had already occurred in the past and have been “dizziness”. Apparently an allusion to the SOS calls for help: This has dismissed Primark after an investigation as a forgery – at least with high probability.

source: BBC, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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