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suspect arrested after double murder of Nordhausen (21.38 PM)Israeli writer Amos Oz is dead (16.18 PM) RWE chief Schmitz is for Nabu “dinosaur of the year” (11.05 PM)Blue light in the sky – New York puzzled over the alien (6.06 PM)Emma and Ben most common first name in Germany (5.07 PM)

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+++ 22.31 PM: Egypt: at Least four Dead after attack on tourist bus +++

After the bomb attack on a tourist bus in Egypt there is a fourth victim. In a communication to the Prosecutor of the evening, three Vietnamese, as well as an Egyptian, as the deaths have been listed. Previously had been two killed Vietnamese the speech, in addition to the Egyptian tour guide died. The new information suggests that in addition, eleven Vietnamese, as well as the Egyptian bus driver were injured. The attack had taken place late in the afternoon, in the vicinity of the pyramids of Giza. The Bus was hit by a homemade explosive device that had been placed according to the Egyptian Ministry of the interior, the edge of the road.

In the past, had been perpetrated in Egypt, repeated deadly attacks on tourists. In the travel – and safety instructions of the foreign office in Berlin, it is, in the North African country, there is “the country continues to be an increased risk of terrorist attacks”.

+++ 21.38 watch: double murder of Nordhausen: suspect++

taken + After the violent death of a pensioner married couple on Christmas eve in Nordhausen, the investigators have taken a suspect. The 56-Year-old come from the environment of the victim and had admitted their guilt, police said in the evening. The man from the town of Nordhausen, had been taken in the afternoon after a DNA hit in the trace analysis in his home and in the early evening of intermediaries has been heard. “The motive is still no information can be made”, – stated in the message. The man is scheduled to be presented on Saturday a judge.

The bodies of the 82-Year-old and his 80-year-old wife were discovered on Monday morning. They were, according to police in the yard of her house, which was probably also the scene of the crime.

+++ 19.22 PM: Two Vietnamese in bomb explosion in the vicinity of the pyramids of Giza killed +++

In the case of a bomb explosion in the vicinity of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, two Vietnamese tourists were killed. An explosive device on the roadside I met a tourist bus, said the Egyptian Ministry of the interior. Ten tourists, as well as the driver and guide, both of which Egyptians had been injured. In the coach, a total of 14 Vietnam had been reported of tourists on the road. The self-made explosive device had been placed in the vicinity of a wall in the district of Haram, according to the Ministry of the interior. The security authorities launched an investigation.

+++ 18.14 PM: Czech police freed the hostages from the Bank branch +++

A hostage situation in the Czech Republic is lightly come to an end. In a Bank branch, an armed man had taken nine people hostage. A Person he let free after a short time, like a police spokeswoman said the news Agency CTK said. About three hours later, a special unit of the police had entered the building in the town of Pribram, have freed eight other hostages and the perpetrators arrested. The entire action-one had been hurt, stressed the spokeswoman.

+++ 17.23 PM: Polish court sentenced ZDF because of “Our mothers, our fathers” +++

A court in Cracow has sentenced to the “Second German television” because of his three-divider “Our mothers, our fathers” to a compensation and an apology to former Polish fighter against Nazi Germany. Judge Kamil Grzesik explained to the justification, in the ZDF mini-series soldiers of the Polish home army, Armia Krajowa, AK would not be shown, “in Accordance with the truth, and incorrect”. The judge stated that this Misrepresentation had “a direct impact” on the “honor and Dignity” of the plaintiff, the 94-year-old AK-Veterans Zbigniew Radlowski. This Survivor of a concentration camp, and rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust had brought the lawsuit with the support of the Association of AK veterans. The Armia Krajowa during the Second world war, the army of the Polish government-in-exile in London. In the ZDF-series AK are drawn to the soldiers as anti-Semites, which caused in Poland a wave of indignation.

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