Increases their working week by one hour, go at least some people more often to the doctor. Researchers at the universities of Halle-Wittenberg and Erlangen-Nürnberg analyzed data of 6,500 officials and workers in the public service of the old länder.

The number of visits to the doctor, therefore, rose by 13 per cent. Self-perceived health status got worse by the increase in work hours by 2 percent, the researchers write in the journal “Labour Economics”.

Particularly of the two effects women and parents of young children were affected. “Presumably, the effects in these groups, because they are outside of their working hours with very limited time budgets. The working time increases, the time increases and thus pressure outside of work,” said the study’s lead author, Christoph wonder.

In the case of men (with and without children) the difference was quite so stark. They were 7 percent more likely to see a doctor, if the working week increased, in women it was 15 percent. This gap between the sexes would decrease with increasing equality, however, the scientists expect.

The data come from the German Socio-economic Panel for the years 1985 to 2014. In regular intervals, always the same people were asked about their life circumstances, including health, employment, and life satisfaction. Officials and workers in the public service would apply new regulations of working time, better than employees in the private sector. This could adjust in the case of a Modification of the contractual working hours, Overtime, and so continues to be the same long to work, said marvel in the message.

A company doctor looks at the results critically. “The bill: Long working hours is not equal to be sick, I will write explicitly,” said Anette choice-Wake village, Vice-President of the Association of industrial medical practitioners. The Sick leave is dependent on a number of factors. “For example, the content of the work, the work, wealth and the organization of work”. Who is satisfied with his tasks and colleagues, take in a few hours in purchase to be sick. It is true that longer working hours, have more Stress, especially to parents. As a result, it could lead to more failures. “However, these are organizational problems that need to be solved socially and politically,” she said.

Tend to leave to private employees transferred to the said election-awake village. The reverse conclusion is that fewer working hours do automatically healthier, to leave the study, but not necessarily. The authors write: “There is no information to derive an optimal working time”.


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