The appearance of CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at the “Stockach-based fool’s court” heated up even days later, still in the minds. Basic Witticisms from AKK about inter-sexual. “Who was because of you Recently in Berlin? As you can see, but the Latte-Macchiato-group, the insertion of the toilets for the third gender”, kalauerte Kramp-Karrenbauer during the event . “This is for the men who still don’t know whether or not you may still have to stand when you pee or even sit. For the in-between that is this toilet.” The Green Bundestag member Sven Lehmann looked like so many others, compelled to react. He directed his criticism in an Open letter directly to the CDU-Chairman.

Lehmann, Cologne carnival is very familiar, criticized Kramp-Karrenbauer sharp. “First of all: your Statements are evidence of ignorance in the matter. Secondly, your Statements are discriminatory and despicable making,” concludes the spokesperson for Queer and social policy of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the contents of his letter in a Tweet. The Letter bears the official letterhead of the Deputies, and is addressed in the Form “to the Chairman of the CDU of Germany.”

carnival is no excuse for AKK

especially towards the end of the letter, Lehmann Kramp-karrenbauer attacks sharply: “you, as Chairman of the CDU of Germany, would have the ability and the obligation, for a discrimination-free society. A society in which everyone can be safe and free life. You have chosen a different path. Their Utterances just didn’t feel I, but very many people as patronising, discriminatory, and verächtlicht making.” Finally, of the 39 calls on-Year, the CDU leader to apologize publicly. He is supported now by the German Association of Gays and lesbians in the CDU: “of Course an apology is due. That is what we expect,” said Association chief Alexander Vogt in the SWR. In the carnival there are limits.

M. Beisenherz: Sorry, I’m a private here

AKK – Annegrets carnival relativistic nuclear meltdown

so Far, a reaction Kramp cart Builder, on the criticism is not known. You made the Statements during a fast night’s speech, wants to Lehmann not to be regarded as the excuse. “Carnival and carnival are celebrations of tolerance and joy of life; festivals, in which all people can come together to celebrate peacefully and under the Same to each other,” writes the Cologne Green.

“After a Phase of modernization,”

Lehmann says that Kramp-Karrenbauer speak clearly for a larger social group, “as you can see on the uncontradicted applause after your speech passage”. And he is disappointed, “that you consider to be the Chairman of the CDU, it is apparently necessary, after a Phase of modernization by Angela Merkel, again a mood, and not without a cheap pun at the expense of social minorities.” Not surprised the Green. Finally, be from a politician who had moved in the past, same-sex marriage in the proximity of vin incest, “no emancipatory advances”.

Lehmann’s letter garners plenty of reactions in the social media. Many thank you simply in the Cologne politician. Others see reason for the Ungehemmtheit in the carnival stand:

But it is addressed also Lehmann for his stance hard:

A very own point of view on the topic of Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner represents, by the way. You jump of your chair, by representing the view that “the third gender” will continue to be discriminated against, if there was no jokes.


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