Until very hot, then suddenly cold, but next week is back to spring – like temperature goes up and down, as it should be for April. Wetterfühlige paying attention: At the weekend Frost threatens, next week, 20 degrees in it, such as the German weather service (DWD) reported on Friday.

such A cold snap was in early April, although “not usually,” said meteorologist Sebastian Schappert, “but there were also already colder scenarios”. The temperatures are currently below average, but well within the realm of Possible and not record-breaking. Example, 1986: 9. April in Bavaria 24 degrees – at 11. April resulted in snowfall in the South for traffic chaos.


after the weekend, the weather once again invites you to walks

©Frank Molter DPA cold on the weekend

On this Saturday, it’s time to Tremble. Schappert looks an unappealing “Mix of rain, sleet and snow” on us. The maximum values, it is not even in the double-digit range. In the nights it can be on the roads smooth.

“But in the course of Sunday, somewhat milder air masses will flow back to Germany”s, said the DWD. Precipitation then after all, as a rain from the sky. In the North-East and East of the sun. Really warm, it is not but still, the Thermometer is barely above ten degrees.

The weather during the week,

Monday will be “much milder than before,” said Schappert. He expects a maximum temperature of between 10 degrees in the North-East and 17 degrees on the Rhine. Only on the Baltic sea single-digit temperatures to keep supply. With the spring Comeback the values in the course of the week, then rise again to up to 20 degrees.

tkr / DPA

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