Philippe Karsenty is not frequently seen on television, he is only a politician but also one of these media experts, quick with the theories at Hand. In his case, mostly conspiracy theories from the right corner. Seen in this way, a conversation with him on the arch-conservative US channel “Fox News” is not surprising. But that is a “Fox”-the Moderator had to cut off the wild speculating, the French, the word, and because of this had been self-talking for the (right) nonsense open channel to conspiratorial.

“is It like a French 9/11”

During the live coverage by Fox of the Notre-Dame-Brand, Karsenty via telephone and was quickly convinced that the fire was caused by a terrorist attack: “It’s like a 9/11, a French 9/11,” said Karsenty. “It is a big shock. You must know that in the last few years, every week in the whole of France churches profaned. Of course the politically Correct will tell you that it was probably an accident.”

This Thesis Moderator Shepard Smith went too far. To know especially the time, no one the causes of the fire disaster. He Karsenty broke and asked him to put the speculation to: “no, Sir, we do not here, not now. The investigators will eventually know the cause and the conspiracy theories are worthless, counterproductive, and harmful to society,” Smith said.

Catholics-the President does not believe in accident

Only a little later, the transmitter had the same Problem with a different guest presenter Neil Cavuto, Bill Donohue on the phone, the President of the US-American Catholic League. He suggested in his Comments that the fire am fire in connection with another Church. “Now, Neil, if there is an accident, it is a monumental tragedy,” said Donohoe. “But forgive me, that I am suspicious. Just last month, a Church from the 17th century was in Paris. Century in fire. We have seen how the crosses torn down and statues were destroyed.” As Shepard Smith Cavuto asked his guest, with the speculation to stop, and choked him positively. “I don’t want to, of course, be rude to our guests, there is a lot we don’t know,” said Cavuto.

malfunction of the video portal

Youtube has held Notre-Dame-Brand falsely for 9/11-conspiracy

For many events, this is the nature of the allegations, that it is not simply accidents or disasters piling up for years, but planned and staged incidents, i.e., conspiracies. Also, the algorithm of Youtube was overwhelmed by the Church of fire and had it under the live streams a note with further information on the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. September 2001. It had been a malfunction. The affected “Knowledge Panel” was introduced by the Google subsidiary, with the proliferation of Fake News and conspiracy theories stem through additional education.

you read at the Notre-Dame-Brand:

Jesus’ crown of thorns: These priceless treasures were saved from the flames (Video), and the Pinault donation to Notre-Dame 9.27 after three quarters of an hour it was deleted – that’s why the fire took so long tips to Notre Dame: Donald Trump, the Advisor from the White house

sources: “Fox News”, “The Beast Daily” , “Contemptor”


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