Kulmbach: mother and Baby die in quick succession after the birth

a Tragic story in the upper Franconian town of Kulmbach: A newborn Boy and his 33-Year-old mother immediately died after giving birth in quick succession in the hospital. As the news portal “inFranken.de” reported on Monday, was the birth of first easily. However, the little Boy had not breathed after delivery and could not be resuscitated by the Doctors. Then complications in the mother, which made an Operation necessary. They, too, died a short time later.

according to The report, the cause of death in both cases is unclear. The best possible medical care was ensured, therefore, according to clinic Directors throughout the period. As in the case of unexplained death is common, would have enabled the clinic to the police. An autopsy is now to provide clarity about the cause of death. Mother and child left a 36-year-old Partner and father.

Berlin: arsonist takes young to the fire place with

he Wanted to inspire the next generation to be questionable Hobby? In Berlin a man has taken, apparently, to be a child in a stroller, as he put a fire at a supermarket. As the police reported on Tuesday, occurred the incident, already on the 14. October. Accordingly, the Suspect on that day, entered at about 17.30 in the courtyard of a supermarket in the Badstraße in Berlin-Wedding. “That’s where he went specifically in the area of the outer bearing, and items such as packaging materials and trolleys have set fire to it,” write the officials. The fire, according to police on the surrounding trees, as well as a neighboring school. Now investigators are looking for witnesses. Notes can be made under phone (030) 4664-912222.

Aschersleben: dead bear, in package, shipped

In a package from Russia, the customs officers discovered in Saxony-Anhalt with a bear head and fur. The unusual Post came from a man who wanted to make his in Halberstadt living brother a Christmas gift, as the main customs office Magdeburg announced. The receiver went to pick up the package about a week ago at the customs office. When you Open the Post to the prepared brown bear came to the fore. Because bears are a protected species, seized the staff to have the shipment and informed the Federal office for nature conservation.

Schwäbisch Hall: Drunk slope plunges steeply down

A man has been drunk in Schwäbisch Hall (Baden-Württemberg) in the night of Tuesday, eight feet in depth fell and badly injured. According to police, he had lost on the walk home, apparently, the orientation. He volunteered with his family, could give but just a General location. The police searched Year after the 51-also with a helicopter. In addition, the fire brigade lit the terrain. As it turned out, had crashed, the man on a steep slope about eight feet. He was brought in with severe injuries in a hospital.

Adelsdorf: 83-Year-old burns in his house

A man came with a fire in his house in the village of Adelsdorf (Bavaria), died. The police announced, the 83-Year-old a room in which the fire was on Monday evening erupted, not in time to leave. His 80-year-old wife was rescued by emergency workers with minor injuries out of the house. First of all, cared for rescue workers the woman, then nationals. The cause of the fire, the police could say nothing.

four home: seller beats robber with can of in the escape

The employees of a gas station in the state of Hesse has hit an armed robber with a can full of candy in the escape. Told with a scarf masked man threatened the woman on Monday night in four home with a gun, like the police. The robber demanded that the 59-Year-old money – but they threw it instead of a candy-box after him. The offender ran then fled from the gas station and escaped. The woman, who was alone in the gas station, remained unharmed.

Dresden: Escaped Zebra dies

One of the four runaway Zebras in Dresden died. The police corrected their information on demand on Monday. First of all, it was said that all four of circus were Zebras had been captured. The cause of death was still unknown. The officers suspected that the animal suffered too much Stress at Capture. The three remaining Zebras were able to be in the circus.

Krefeld: fire Department rescues Dachshund

With a chain saw and two crowbars, the fire Department has in Krefeld, Germany, the Dachshund “Cedi” from distress to be saved. The Dachshund was walking on Monday with his wife to a forest and between a stack of Logs fell, as the forces said. He had pinched his hind legs. Also his owner was not able to help him get out of the terminal. The six forces of the brigade liberated the animal. “Cedi” was to pass unharmed to the owner.

news from Germany from Monday, 19. December 2018

Flensburg: young people want to be with geklautem Bus to Berlin

Two boys and a girl were caught on Sunday evening trying to steal in Flensburg, a minibus. According to police, the three 14 wanted to break in-Year-old in the Garage of a vocational school, in order to steal the parked school bus and drive on to Berlin. However, the Teenager is triggered already at the breaking up of the garage door to the Alarm. The security guard was able to hold on to the girl directly to the school. The two boys fled, but were apprehended a little later in the city centre by the police.

The police stopped the Trio at the station and sent it home. During the interrogation, the Suspects said that they wanted to make a trip to Berlin. The two boys were already caught in the past by the police for attempted car theft.

Hamburg: man resting with 5.5 per thousand against a rescue station

With more than 5.5 per mil, breath alcohol has been controlled, a Polish motorists in Hamburg-Altona from the police. The officials were on Sunday, the 54-year-old man because he had stood with his car and loud music in the driveway of the fire and rescue station Altona, police said on Monday. He let the engine roar and was then driven against a wall in the driveway. The man was able to get Off barely stand and had to be supported by the police officers. In addition, he had according to the police, no driver’s license and could not prove that the car was not insured also belongs to him.

Überlingen: motorist saves a half-naked sleeping walller

Great luck in the misfortune, had a history of sleepwalking, was found early Sunday morning, shortly before two o’clock of a motorist in the area of the castle hill in Überlingen (Baden-Württemberg). The 44-year-old man noticed the witness, as he wandered around, in spite of minus temperatures that only with under pants dressed obviously confused. After the witness had informed the 44-Year-old to warm up in his vehicle, woke up this again, to sleep, to have yet, however, this is never leaving his house. Through an established squad car, the misfortune Raven was placed in the care of a relative.

Bielefeld: company to chemical reaction

evacuated In a Bielefeld-based pharmaceutical companies have responded to laboratory waste in a container for chemical and a fire. As the fire and rescue services, from advanced you in the morning with special protective suits to the chemical fire. All those present around 50 people were able to leave the building. There are also several rescue had been the car ordered because of a chemical accident, with nine severely injured ran out, the spokesman said.

You have but to none of the nine locally-supplied Affected in a clinic. “You were practically unharmed, and were able to go home.” The chemical reaction of laboratory waste have led to a heat-development, which triggered the fire. After about two and a half hours, the fire fighters pulled back. Around 110 forces were at work. Radio Bielefeld had first reported.

Osnabrück, Germany: burglars Teeth loses and is identified

the scene of the crime, lost Teeth, police in Osnabrück has been identified after an attempted break-in to the alleged offender. This should have posted on Sunday night, one disc at a residential building on the run-Shoe tracks in the snow left, the officials said on Monday. You traced the tracks up to a known to police a man was taken into custody.

The 46-Year-old denied the destruction of the disc, however, the officials noted a significant gap in the Dentition of a man. The offender was taken into custody and should be placed in a psychiatric clinic.

Murrhardt: coachmen in case of an accident seriously injured – a horse died

An 85-year-old female driver has been injured in an accident with his Team in Murrhardt (Baden-Württemberg). One of the horses ran in a panic up against a tree and died, the police announced in Aalen. The 85-Year-old was on Sunday with two other people with the Carriage as the two horses were suddenly in a panic and losgaloppierten. The Carriage hurled back and forth. As the horse crashed into the tree, crashed the driver from the Team. He has been associated with the most severe injuries in a hospital. His two passengers were uninjured.


One of the horses ran after the accident in panic against a tree, and died.

©Sdmg / Haslinger / SDMG DPA Nusbaum: school bus catches fire on the way to class

For the students in a secondary school in the vicinity of the Rhineland-Palatinate Nusbaum began the week with a great terror. As they drove the school bus through the village Nusbaum, noticed some in the rear area of the vehicle seat children a unusual smell that seemed to come from the engine compartment. As they ran to the bus driver and him to the attention of made was this prompt. He stopped the Bus and made sure that all of the passengers disembarked quickly. The rush was also appropriate, because a few minutes later, the entire vehicle was in flames.

More than 30 rescue workers from the neighboring fire guards were in use, to delete the Bus, which was gutted by fire completely. How it could come to the sudden fire, now needs to be clarified. The children were all unharmed and were associated with a extraordinary fright in the limbs by a Replacement bus to school. The teacher is likely to have some difficulties had to worry about on this day for peace.

Trier: 87-Year-old

an attempt on the younger man After shots in a multi-family house in the North of Trier, the police arrested an 87-Year-old. The first findings of the investigator, was injured in a family dispute, a 47-Year-old by a shot heavy in the chest area. A witness had heard the shots, and on Sunday afternoon the police alerted. The 87-Year-old was according to the police, no resistance to arrest. In the apartment have also found a 76-year-old woman. It was handed over to the care of the ambulance service. If the woman is injured, there was initially no information. The 47-Year-old was taken to a hospital.

Wandlitz: it May be that Wolf in case of accident on the A11

killed In an accident on the Federal highway A11 came on Sunday, probably a Wolf killed. After a first evaluation of the carcass, the officers had come to the conclusion that it was the protected animal, said a spokesman for the Brandenburg police Bureau on request. Final clarity will result in the assessment by an expert.

The animal was between Wandlitz and Finowfurt in the direction of the North, have been hit by a car. People were not injured in the accident on the highway, which ends at the North-Eastern border of the city of Berlin.

Erfurt: Three Dead after missglücktem Overtaking

In a botched Overtaking manoeuvre on the highway 7 between Erfurt and Gotha, three people are killed. Among the dead were adults, said a spokesman for the national operations centre of the police inquiry in Erfurt. An eleven year old Boy’s life is in danger. Another child and a man were seriously injured. The accident occurred on Sunday at Frienstedt District of Erfurt.

According to previous investigations, a 36-year-old motorist collided with his car while Overtaking into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. He and his 29-year-old passenger died in the impact, a two-year-old girl who was in the car, suffered serious injuries. After the first findings was the daughter of the fatally injured woman. The driver was Years, the life partner of 29 -.

the oncoming car, the 60-year-old driver died. In your car the eleven-year-old Boy life-threatening, and 36 were injured-Year-old hard. A third car was the Dodge of the roadway and hit a tree rebounded. The 47-year-old driver was slightly injured.

The highway was blocked for the Rescue operation for several hours. The traffic was building up. In the traffic jam it had a result of accidents gewhere other people were seriously injured, police said. In addition to a police – was also a rescue helicopter. The investigation into the accident sequence of events lasted.


The Federal road was the Rescue operation for several hours

©WichmannTV DPA Hittfeld: locked train hit wild boar Rotte

A sounder of wild boar has put in on Monday night in Hamburg, the railway traffic for several hours lame. The wild pigs were running around shortly after midnight in Hittfeld, lower Saxony district of Harburg, on the rails, said a railway spokesperson in the Morning. In spite of the braking and ran over a Intercity train several animals. Due to the contamination of the IC and rails of the 150 passengers were not able to continue. They were taken with a Ersatzzug to Hamburg. The fire Department showed up with heavy equipment, the route, of course. The railway line between Buchholz and Hamburg-Harburg is now released again.

news from Germany the week of 10. up to the 16. December you can find here:


15,000 litres of milk freezing on the road

Rüthen: 15.000 litres of milk freezing on the road +++ arenshausen, Germany: a man rushes in search of mobile phone network from the window +++ Witten: police news from Germany change the tires +++.


sources: “InFranken.de”

mod / sve / DPA

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