Marcy Kaptur has already experienced a lot in the house of representatives. The 72-Year-old sitting since 1983, in the chamber of the U.S. Congress. For 35 years, so. Thus, it is the longest-serving Deputy in the history of the house of representatives. Kaptur begins this Thursday your 19. Legislature there. But even they, with all their experience, are there particular times. So much Chaos and instability as President and Donald Trump have never experienced before, says the Democrat. The Start of the new Congress will be overshadowed by a bitter budget dispute, and a part of the government to a standstill as shops. This gives a foretaste of the turbulent times that are ahead of Trump in the second half of his term with a divided Congress.

Newly-elected Congress starts work

From “Europe doesn’t matter to me” to “Shutdown” Trump between attack and outstretched Hand

DPA For Trump it is moved from now on, uncomfortable

In the mid-term elections in early November has a lot of things. Trumps Republicans have defended their majority in the U.S. Senate and were able to win a few seats. They lost control in the house of representatives to the Democrats. For Trump it is painful. With their new strength in the chamber it can make the Democrats life difficult: you can start investigations against him, witnesses, subpoena, document request. You can block legislative projects. In theory, you could initiate even for impeachment proceedings against the President. However, the would have dominated probably, at the latest, in – Republican – Senate fail. However, For Trump, it is now uncomfortable.

The new members of the house: Significantly more female and much more colorful

The choice has shifted in Congress, but also in General, The newly elected house of representatives is much more feminine and colorful than in the past. 102 women now sit in the chamber – almost a quarter of all MPs, more than ever before. 89 the women belong to the Democrats, only 13 to the Republicans. In the ranks of the Democrats have many progressive candidates. The most prominent face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, has managed at the age of 29 as the youngest woman ever to enter the chamber here. But also the first Muslim women and the first female descendants of native Americans belong to the new democratic group. Add to this the self-confessed Gay, lesbian, Bisexual.

Ilhan Omar, who will go down as the first Deputy with a headscarf in the history books, posted this on Twitter this stunning photo.

she wrote: “23 years Ago my father and I arrived from a refugee camp in Kenya at the airport in Washington DC. Today we return to the same airport on the morning of my swearing-in as the first Somali-American members of Congress.”

“This is particularly important in times of a President Trump”

As Kaptur 1983 began, it looked far less colorful in the chamber. At that time, only about two dozen women sat in the house of representatives,” says the Congresswoman from Ohio. “The average age was at the time at about 60, I was 36.” You have made a kind of subsidiary role. As a young woman, among many grey-mottled mens. The chamber is now female and more colorful, especially in the case of the Democrats, it is good. “This brings a lot of energy and new voices into the house.” In times of a President Trump this is especially important, says Kaptur. He’s behaving towards women is often disrespectful and condescending, before she throws him. Overall, they’ve experienced a style of politics as in the case of Trump never before in her political career. His experience was very limited, his Speeches were incoherent, he put on the emotions and theatrics. “This is more Propaganda than leadership,” complains Kaptur. “There is no stability in the government. This is dangerous for our country.”

What happens when a political dispute is crippling the government’s work is to watch for almost two weeks. Since shortly before Christmas, a quarter of the government apparatus is at a standstill largely because for several ministries in a timely manner, a new budget was adopted. The background of a bitter dispute between Trump and the Democrats over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico.

Recent members

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a shooting star, and the hopes of the US-Democrats

“Shutdown” shuts down parts of the USA – still no solution in sight

is a staff of hundreds of thousands of Government because of the “shutdown” for the time being unpaid forced leave or without salary work. Museums, in national parks garbage can over run, in Offices applications. In the case of the population, especially in the case of government employees, the growing frustration. The Democrats of the “Shutdown rained on your parade” a bit of the Start in the new Congress period. You had want to put other issues to the forefront. You try now, as the Savior of the Nation. As the regulating power in an increasingly chaotic Washington. The front woman of the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, who wants to leave on Thursday for the new Chairman of the house of representatives has already announced plans to leave on the same day on a bill for a budget vote. She strives to be the Democrats in the dispute as the voice of reason. But the billions of dollars, calls for Trump to his boundary wall, are not provided for in the bill. The White house has the design, therefore, as unfit to be dismissed. If Trump’s still moving, is questionable.

the U.S. Congress: The Democrats can not only block

is Clear: the longer the Shutdown lasts, the greater the risk for the Democrats, the resentment of the citizens. With the new Power in the house of representatives, it is also such a thing. You can badger Trump and his government now. But here, too, the risk in the population, resentment trigger and before the next presidential election in 2020 as a blocker to stand. The Democrats need to find the Balance. This will be Pelosis Job.

The 78-Year-old has for decades been in the business of politics – according to the taste of some a little too long. In their ranks there was some Resistance to their candidacy for the influential Post at the head of the house of representatives. Pelosi resisted, the revolt successfully. For the next few months are not likely to be easy against a player of Trump. The President and Congress moving times before.

sources: REUTERS / Twitter Account of Ilhan Omar

hh / Christiane jacket / dpa

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