With a RAID is taken by the Berlin police against elements of the Islamist scene in the capital. On Tuesday morning by detectives searched according to police, the Salafist As-Sahaba mosque in the Wedding district, and two to three apartments or other spaces. The 45-year-old Imam of the mosque is said to have made a jihadist terrorists in Syria the money “for the purchase of equipment for the Commission of terrorist offences”, such as the Prosecutor’s office, via Twitter announced.

In the investigations of the judicial police and the Prosecutor’s office, it goes to the suspicion of the support and financing of terrorists. Accused person of the Imam, who is actually Ahmad A. is. The police seized the data carrier, i.e. computers, USB Sticks, hard drives or Smartphones. The data should be examined and evaluated, as a police spokesman said.

About 100 police officers in the use of

for politically motivated crime, the competent state protection of the police was also Supported by a special operations command. In use for about 100 officials were, on the whole. Where the further search, police said.

The As-Sahaba mosque is observed by the Berlin protection of the Constitution, because it is seen as the Al-Nur mosque in Neukölln, and the Ibrahim-al-Khalil mosque in Berlin Tempelhof as a meeting point of radical Salafists. In your report, in 2017, the constitutional protectors, the As-Sahaba mosque and the support of the Association “The companions” letter included since years to the well-known Salafist institutions in Berlin. “The mosque and its Imam ‘Abul Baraa’ are attributable to the political Salafism.”

Imam widespread Salafist ideology

The Imam had spread his Salafi views at lectures in other mosque communities in Dortmund, Germany, Dormagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Bendorf (Rhineland-Palatinate), Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg) and Braunschweig (lower Saxony). The preacher was a significant multiplier of Salafist ideologies.

The As-Sahaba mosque is also a supra-regional magnet for Salafist interested in what seminars are of so-called Islam, and classes with well-known guest preachers from Bonn and Leipzig show. “In General, the preachers in their lectures, the fact that your Statements provide no reason for state sanctions. Problematic these seminars are nevertheless, because they provide a framework for group formation and influence with extremist ideology through often charismatic lecturers.”

tkr / DPA

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