And what if you are wrong? This incredible story? From the great God, the small is? Wrapped In swaddling clothes, born in Bethlehem? Man and works wonders? The blind see and the Lame to walk?

Carsten Krabbes smiles. He is a Protestant Pastor. Every year he tells the story of the Christ child. And from the Dealings of God in the world. It succeeds more or less well. “But really misleading,” says Krabbes, “if one speaks only of miracles. But self-witnessing.”


The priest sitting on a Sofa, with coffee and cake. Next to him is his wife, who can also tell a lot, but not now. Carsten Krabbes is immediately upon You; be cheerful beings do not fit to the madness, the he has behind.

Since this car was in an accident. After black ice into a tree. Frontal. No Chance. His body lay on the center console, as dead. And yet he was toasty warm, so his memory is. He saw himself in a bright and beautiful light, as never before in his life. Would not have been the driver behind him, firefighter and presence of mind, Carsten Krabbes would be hemorrhaging internally. His rescuer called the comrades. You will be very broken in a lot of pain, we pull out of the car; Krabbes screamed terribly, all the Ribs were. Then a helicopter lifted off into the sky, where he imagined himself a short while earlier. My soul, says Krabbes, had left the body already.


On the Eastern edge of the Vosges mountains, the monastery of Saint Odile rises high above the Rhine valley. To springs from the feet of the cliff is a source. Your water is to heal.

©Hardy Mueller/the star

The spleen could not save the Doctors, Krabbes’ defense remained weak. The brain inflamed skin. The disease crept into his head, the priest fell into a coma. And again, he survived. A miracle, the people said.

a miracle. It is one of our most beautiful words. We take it in the mouth, when it brings us the language and we are faced with a puzzle. “Miraculum”, as the Romans said. If possible what was considered impossible. “A miracle,” said the Church father Augustine, “happen in contradiction to nature. But in contradiction to what is known to us about nature.”

Now the people know, in all modesty, in the meantime quite a lot about the nature of things. Only just managed to send a robot to Mars and control it from up to 400 million kilometres away. People can look at the stars and Tunnel blades under the sea. What happened there between the sky and the earth, Packed them into mathematical formulas and physical laws. All in All, there is pretty much a statement.

For Christians the miracle of the divine Act

But then come days where we want the triumph of hope over experience. That something is happening, what has about us. If we feel at the end of our strength, but a new beginning can succeed. Against all Knowledge, against every measure, against any logic. To be beyond the mind is touched – this longing makes us human. “The person who has lost the ability to wonder and in awe to be working,” said the scientist Albert Einstein, “is as good as dead.”

Faith, hope, love, these three, let us dream that the Creator, the fate who and whatever, mercy and the granting of exemptions from the rules. That a Miracle is possible, a spell; Oh, how nice that would be, please, please, dear God. If we only pray and beg.

“Wuntar”, the old German word for miracle, is believed to be related to “Desire” or “desire”.

For Christians, miracles are signs of divine activity. A Touch Of A Finger. “You are,” says the Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp, “the Aperitif of eternal life.” The there should be a way for the one who believes.


the Statue of The Holy Mary of Akita in Japan, multiple tears


The priest welcomes its guests in an old cell in the former monastery of Saint Emmeram in Regensburg, Germany, have shed, the today’s castle Thurn and Taxis. In a stately room with high ceiling and curtains of heavy brocade. It is his private library in pig leather-bound Knowledge. Old books from old time when people were miracles of faith and God. You can’t say that today; only every third German believes that God created the world. Wonder, but far more is possible, more than 50 percent.

The Catholic Church has for centuries had a specialist Department for miracles. It is the Beatification and canonization of the congregation of the Pope. Here, physicians, scientists, and theologians to check which people are to be transported in the Holy. The Hall of Fame of the Church. The inlet to receive men and women who “have loved and believed,” says the Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp. The recording condition is usually to have a minimum of a miracle. Without this no career for the “honor of the altars”.


This can be complicated. What is a miracle? And how, please, should it be proved? Who knows nothing must believe everything. So, what you can know about miracles? “They are mainly an exception in the natural order,” said Imkamp. For 30 years he was one of around 80 Consultants which attempted to classify in Rome, the Church historically as well as theologically, whether the stories were true that were told about possibly Holy. Or whether, over time, the blue from the sky was a lie. “The first miracle,” said Imkamp, “had to do with the I, I thought it was a Scam. But later, numerous events were known to us, which of us is the activity, and left to understand.”

Sometimes the attempt had been made to speed up the carriage with a generous donation a little. It last a lot of people were canonized in Rome. Fides ecclesiae, the Faith of the Church, can sometimes be helped.


In the Jerusalem Church of the Holy sepulchre for the Christians to celebrate Easter is the miracle of the resurrection


The Prelate stuffs his pipe, there is cake with the best cream, served by the friendly housekeeper in an apron. The discretion to prohibit, to name names. Imkamp makes no secret of the fact that some of canonization occurs exaggerated. The so-called Martyrologium Romanum, the “Who is Who” of Catholic top staff, which currently consists of – well-8500 Blessed and Holy and more than 8,000 martyrs. “I’m not fixed to a miracle,” said Imkamp. “But for me, the possibility of the miracle interested.”

He pulls a book from the shelf, a beautiful print on heavy paper, slightly water’s edgeig. It says So on the invoice, Imkamp has acquired it for a few Hundred euros. This work was the first systematic attempt to cart away mirakulöser fantasies something like a definition of a miracle. Wrote it in the 18th century. Century, cardinal Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, the future Pope Benedict XIV, Very long sentences are in Latin, and the most important are a good way to see this: “At the time of the cure, the disease must continue … The healing must be instantaneous and without relapse.” He follows the Church teachers Thomas Aquinas when he distinguishes between miracles between: “supra” or “praeter” or “contra naturam”.

Until a miracle as a proof that the spirit of God can intervene in the body, such as it is, files can be knowledgeable, centuries pass. Pope Francis, for example, 800 men spoke from the 15. Century of the Holy.

Yes we can

be a Saint goes like this: An applicant must obtain in the Vatican once a Declaration of no objection for the procedure. If nothing speaks against the candidate – nihil obstat –, it is assigned a Postulator to present testimonials: writings, reports, documents. Then, the congregation examines, if the life and Work of the Honorary was significant enough. So he is called the “promoter of the faith” is then challenged in a dialectical process, all submitted evidence and arguments. It is known as a devil’s advocate, the the devil’s advocate. The advocate must refute it. Vote of at least two-thirds of the assembled members for a canonization, decides at the end of the Pope.

In the early days of the Church, certain people, who a Saint was and adorable. An advocate with the boss. Because “hopelessly religious” was the person who was the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is our deep remains of the Tendons, that there is something other than what we know. A consolation against the terrors. A hope for more. Something Big, that lifts our hearts.


Through the pilgrimage town of Lourdes attracts a procession of Marian devotees

©Eric Martin/Laif

you believe in miracles? This question Klaus Berger has of his life. Berger is married for the second Time and father of two children, was almost a Catholic priest and is known as a Professor of new Testament theology at the Evangelical faculty of the University of Heidelberg. He has the Inexplicable nature of each Religion. For him, a miracle is also a sign of Cohesion, and the attempt to describe the unity beyond all opposites.

Berger teaches the miracles of the Bible, which does not take the multiplication of the loaves, for example, or water to wine, literally, as a pious Cheat, maybe between fake and disappointment. But to grasp the spirit of what is said and to understand it as encouragement and likeness. That people can grow beyond themselves and so much is possible, yes, we can. If you believe enough. “We should be sensitive to hear what can be,” he says. “And not rule anything out.”

That every love is a miracle, the Professor is still on the way. The love, once said the Saint Catherine of Siena, wearing the soul, as the feet carry the body.

masters, and monks

so a set would come, Steffen Lohrer also like to once again to Express his Feelings about the world. Lohrer is a business consultant and analytical thinking. The industrial engineer advises heads of companies, to regulate their succession. Currently, he is looking for a mid-sized subcontractors to the automotive industry, annual turnover of 30 million euros, of suitable candidates. Lohrers business is good. But even more, the true nature of the people employed him. And how the Divine in us to be heard.

A Drama it was, it changed his Thinking. A friend, ill with cancer, the Doctors gave up only little time. The most enjoyable message still remained that the chemotherapy would slow the growth of the proliferating ulcer for a period of time; a cure, however, is excluded. As the friend You said, I’m flying to Brazil, there will be someone who can still do something, maybe is the use of what, continued Lohrer into the aircraft. For perhaps the last joint trip. He had no expectations, he believed in higher beings, he was more than skeptical. One of those who want to see it in black and white.


In the Portuguese Fatima and the worship of Mary in 1917 to three shepherd children appeared

©David Klammer/Laif

should be Two weeks, the friends remained in South America. 300 people stood daily waiting in line to order from the healer touched. A man of reading and writing, not powerful, of the had gathered Disciples, people all in White, they meditated the whole day. It is a scenario was fallen from the time, like maybe in the story from the Gospels, as a woman who suffered from bleeding and Jesus ‘ robe was touched, the moment is to be healed. Trembling with fear, as it is written, have you stood in front of him, as Jesus said: “Your Faith has healed you.”

So it’s a similar delivery, probably in Brazil, too, it must have been a time of wonderful encounters. Back in Germany, formed with his friend the metastases, one day, they were gone for good. There are, admittedly, scarce sets for a Sensation. The spontaneous healing. Steffen Lohrer was incredible.


The Regensburg Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp woke up in Rome about the wonders of

©Hardy Mueller/the star

He couldn’t explain. The friends asked how it could happen, he didn’t have an answer. He had been a witness and could only shrug their shoulder. This knowledge inspired him. He is not comprehensible answers good money, now wanted to know more about forces that are not touch and not see. The idea that to be a great adventure on the trail, a challenge to master it, not let him go. Lohrer flew around the world, he could afford to meet other healers, masters, and monks. He also met guys who he didn’t trust from the beginning, charlatans. But with time, his doubt gave way to the impression that his picture of the world was characterized more by suspicion and can – and less from the liberating feeling, trust, brokenness, instead of trying to control it. And so he decided to befriend with the possibility that there is an energy between heaven and earth, he can not classify what they call a God, and other of the higher wisdom. And he felt increasingly that, “I was part of this reality.”

door opener

So it was that Lohrer live in a new n came. In that view of things, the Poet Matthias Claudius sang in his song for the night: “you See the moon there? He is only half. And yet it is round and beautiful. Some of the things we belachen confidently, because our eyes see it.”

Lohrer was for the therapists to train. More and more people came to learn from him encouragement to trust in crises and diseases, the power of one’s own body. The man of Numbers suddenly spoke of love as the Nature of the people and of the world. Lohrer has the courage to say the now as, of course, him standing business partners. “There’s a great energy. And these I give. I still don’t know how this works. But hocus-pocus.” The business man is convinced, “to be surprised”. He has established a Foundation that chronically ill children and support to help people achieve inner Serenity wants. And people come, call him a healer. Of himself he says. “I’m just a door-opener. That maybe there will be new rooms open up.”

Think, as it says in Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, “a stand in what you hoped for. And Convinced of things not seen.” What is reality? And what was imagination? The world is as we see it? Or do we see only what we want? Who defines the limit of the sayable?


A heaven for the Faith: the colourful painted Basilica of Kevelaer on the lower Rhine,

©Hardy Mueller/the star

A place there is in Germany, where it is picked up on the outside of the Church, wonderful. Stories, self-experienced or heard of fortune-tellers, the media and the mages. Walter von Lucadou, head of the “para-psychological counseling center” in Freiburg, she tries to classify it. That’s because spook was shook in the house or walls, angels are on the go or to hear voices. 3000 people a year in the case of the physicists and psychologists, because they want to give an account of puzzling. Or a good piece of advice looking.

for 55 years, says von Lucadou, he was now “behind these things”. If there is a perception outside of the senses. And psychological processes, which are manifested “in physical reality”. Von Lucadou is able to speak for hours on the laws of psycho-motor mechanisms and experimental physics, about the findings of the neuro-immunology and auto-suggestion, to speak of spontaneous healing, and sleep paralysis. “Everything is still not enough explored,” he says. The human spirit, he doesn’t trust a lot: “Many people dream of, for example, what happens later.”

Misunderstood phenomena

In his office, the folder full of miraculous reports stack up. In the case of all narratives, especially the question of whether the trustworthiness of the witnesses is greater than the credibility of the Described interested from Lucadou. “As a scientist,” he says, “I am nothing. It is a great mistake to believe that we know everything.” What people saw as a miracle, however, often “natural, but partially understood phenomena”.

But people want to know, people want explanation. The difference between the one and the other as precisely as possible is one of the tasks of Rolf Theiß. The trauma surgeon is one of the 26 Doctors, of a Commission in Lourdes displayed a healing investigate, in the Christian world the most famous place of pilgrimage. In the southwest French city is in the year 1858, the mother of God, equal to several times the then-14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous shown. In the rippling light, and a white veil coat a blue robe and a yellow Rose on each foot. This “lady”, as the girls said later, pointed the way to a source. The water healthy.


Birthe Krabbes has healing hands. And her husband Carsten survived the accident and coma

©Hardy Mueller/the star

Since then, Lourdes story. And longing destination of millions of people. Rolf Theiss just returned from there. This year, his Commission reported 39 healing. Six of them classifies you as a exceptional, and a further examination. 70 similar sensations have been recognized in more than 100 years previously by the Church as a miracle. Such would be, according to the Definition of the experts, a recovery – “suddenly and unexpectedly, not triggered by drugs, after an illness of organic origin, assured, serious and life-threatening”. And according to “current scientific knowledge does not stand up to explain”.

anyone who Has worked wonders here? “For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible.” The author Franz Werfel wrote, after he had found his escape from the Nazis refuge in Lourdes, in his novel “the song of Bernadette”. This is a song he wanted to sing so much. It was preserved and became a world bestseller.

In a few days is Christmas. We crave light and warmth and want us to be born again miracles, the world lost a Christian. Small prepare, for the Large space. And must amazed at all the baking.


It is miracle time. Carsten Krabbes, the Pastor, is happy to tell the story of God. The man was wrapped in swaddling clothes, born in Bethlehem. This tale from ancient time.


Steffen Lohrer was a numbers man. Then he underwent a transformation.

©Hardy Mueller/the star

But, with respect, that’s not the best Story. There’s something New. Birthe Krabbes, the wife of the pastor, has to say something. As you noticed a day that your hands of “prickled”, and in her fingers, a force is felt, “I had perceived ever”. You put the Girlfriends of the Hand on the shoulder, felt the flow of a warm current through your body. And she wanted to be in the Disco and the other was plagued by a headache, had Krabbes back in your hands in the game. And that was that. It resembled a bet, this Healthy, and, later, the warts away, or shingles, or Lichens. As in the Pass.

The trained teacher, “of the type here completely sober”, was “pretty spooky”. With something like supernatural powers, you had nothing to do, she heard Heavy Metal and was not happy when the kids went on the spirit. You played Hockey or watched football, FC St. Pauli. And your house asked a doctor what it could be, because in the hands. What Good the doctor, a gift said. So you can help others great. Since then, Birthe Krabbes is called a healer. And your Doctor, if you no longer widerweiß, sends her patients.


Walter von Lucadou advises in Freiburg, people who have experienced Inexplicable

©Hardy Mueller/the star

Birthe Krabbes sits in her rocking chair in a terraced house in the North of Hamburg and shows the Smile of a woman who knows a lot more. Next to her is a man who could tell you more, but not now. She asks him whether she should say what was happening. She fears that people may consider to be crazy. “Do it,” says her husband. And to his visit: “It’s really weird.”


And then Birthe Krabbes, as reported in its seventh coma-night, when she was finished with the nerves and only cried in the morning to two o’clock in the her friend was calling her. Hey, said the girlfriend, I just think of your husband, he loves you very much and I would like to eat a chocolate pudding. “You’re crazy,” Birthe said Krabbes. “Carsten is in a coma, leave me alone.” If this were exactly their words, do not know you today, to bizarre the everything. The girlfriend said something like that Birthe a lot of strength in the hands, and that they should now hold on the handset. You, in turn, was to cook a Pudding and eat it for Birthes man. Krabbes laughs out loud, her chair rocking as she explains this scene. “Weird, huh?” Her husband nods.


Klaus Berger loves little puppet theatre. And think about the big questions

©Hardy Mueller/the star

But what you don’t do everything in his Distress! The next Morning, then a phone call. Out of the hospital. Her husband was out of the coma. And I asked for a chocolate pudding. The first have tasted good. And what if it’s true?

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