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China’s economy grows unexpectedly fast (5.42)Scheuer lower tax on railway wants to-remote traffic tickets (4.05 p.m.)Michelle Obama Parisians to speak at the capital, a visit to Mut (0.35 PM)

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+++ 07.55 PM: Five people in a knife attack in South Korea killed +++

In the case of a knife attack in the South Korean city of Jinju are stabbed to death five people and 13 other people were injured. The police took a man as a suspect, had first set his apartment on fire, and then with a knife on the other residents of the building went off, as South Korean TV station reported from the southern city of. The latest death toll, therefore, is a twelve-year-old girl. Three people were in critical condition. The fire was extinguished after about 20 minutes.

+++ 05.42 PM: China’s economy grows 6.4 percent in unexpectedly fast +++

China’s economy is growing faster than expected. The second-largest economy grew in the first quarter to 6.4 percent compared to the same period last year, as the statistics office announced in Beijing. The growth is shown in comparison to the last quarter of last year, surprisingly stable. Experts had expected in the first three months of this year due to the negative impact of the trade war with the USA and other uncertainties, slower growth.

+++ 04.09 PM: Alarm at U.S. schools 20 years after the Columbine massacre +++

20 years after the school massacre in Columbine, the authorities have failed because of threats of an armed woman in Alarm. The school authority in the US state of Colorado has ordered tightened security measures for more than 20 schools in the Denver area, including the Columbine High School. The police identified an 18-Year-old as Suspicious, and warned: “she is armed and is considered extremely dangerous.”

Thus, the 18-Year-old traveled to Colorado and made threats of concern to the Metropolitan area of Denver. The authorities spoke of a “credible threat”.

The newspaper “the Denver Post” wrote that the young woman was “possessed” by the school massacre at Columbine. Two students had at 20. April 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, twelve classmates and a teacher shot dead. After that, they committed suicide.

+++ 04.05 PM: Scheuer lower tax on railway wants to-remote traffic tickets +++

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer wants to make a tax cut tickets in long-distance transport, the railway is cheaper. The train will reach the important threshold of 150 million passengers, said the CSU politician of the “Bild”newspaper. “In order to continue along this path and to make the railway even more attractive, we also need in the long-distance transport, the railway, the lowering of the VAT on Tickets from 19 to seven percent.”

This could be relieved by the train driver in long-distance transport by up to 400 million euros per year, said Scheuer. “Who is it with the climate protection and the switch from car or plane to train seriously, must begin with the tax.”

+++ 03.23 PM: Red cross distributes first aid supplies in Venezuela +++

After a week long struggle for humanitarian support for Venezuela, the Red cross is distributing first aid supplies in the South American country in crisis. Employees of the auxiliary organization brought on Wednesday drinking water and water purification tablets in different districts of the capital, Caracas. Previously, a plane with medicines and electricity generators was landed aboard at the airport of Caracas, such as the Red cross via Twitter announced. The from Panama and flown in genes charge is part of an increasing humanitarian aid for Venezuela to almost three times – to almost 25 million dollars (approximately 22 million euros). This was decided by the International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC) a few days ago.

+++ 02.31 PM: Apple and Qualcomm put a patent dispute in the case of +++

Apple and the chip group Qualcomm have settled their patent dispute, after more than two years. All mutual claims are abandoned, the company informed. Apple is going to make a payment to Qualcomm, it said. The amount was not mentioned. In addition, a patent agreement, for an initial period of six years to complete. The terms have not been disclosed.

The agreement came as a surprise, in the midst of a just-opened major process in California, a crucial role in the dispute was attributed to.

Apple accused Qualcomm to demand high licensing fees for its patents, and to conduct unfair competition. Qualcomm countered with the accusation that Apple devices will be used by the group invented technology without a patent license.

+++ 02.17 PM: United Airlines doubled profit in spite of 737-Max-forced break +++

The U.S. airline United Airlines has earned in the first quarter, despite the problems start bans for Boeing’s misfortune flyer series 737 Max surprisingly good. Compared with the previous year, the profit was doubled to 292 million dollars (259 million euros), as the company announced after US market close in Chicago (Illinois).

+++ 01.00 p.m.: boat capsizes on the lake in the Congo – 150 passengers missing +++

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo has taken place according to the governance of a severe accident with many dead. The ship capsized on lake Kivu in the East of the country, according to present knowledge, approximately 150 people are considered missing, as President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi announced on Twitter. The Minister of transport to the Region of South Kivu confirmed that of the roughly 200 passengers of the ship so far, only about 40 were able to be saved and give at least three Dead.

+++ 00.35 PM: Michelle Obama speaks Parisians in the capital to visit courage, to +++

After the fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the former First Lady Michelle Obama has awarded the Parisians during a visit to the French capital and courage. “Notre Dame is rebuilt,” Obama said at the launch of her memoir, “Becoming: My story” in Paris. “You have a lot of furchtbarere probation samples have to stand by as many of us. You are strong and you have trust.”

the wife of The former US-President Barack Obama said in front of a numerous audience, she was not able to believe that the world-famous Cathedral in flames. “I just haven’t realized it until I saw the pictures.”

Paris and Notre-Dame would have had for you will always have a special meaning. “Paris was my first international experience when I was a little girl.” She was at the time, went to the Cathedral and in dem district, ate a crepe with cheese.

kng / DPA / AFP

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