German Chancellor Angela Merkel can understand the dissatisfaction and anger of many people in Eastern Germany. “I think it’s not so surprising that there are in East Germany, frustrations,” said Merkel (CDU), the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”.

in the autumn of upcoming three regional elections in Eastern Germany, where the successes of the right-wing populist AfD is to be expected, the language Merkel from a major political challenge. You do, however, is difficult, “to say the country was split as never before. The country was, perhaps, reconciled never the way you thought.”

In East Germany, there were still some major structural problems, said Merkel. “The hopes, the alignment will go quickly, are in some areas scattered.” Thus, the inheritances, and the tax revenues were lower, people could build up a little wealth. “That’s why people ask now: How long is it supposed to take?” Therefore, it is an outstanding task of policy of equivalent living conditions.

In a great many areas are under-represented, the former East German, Merkel said. In addition, many East Germans had accepted, for example, long, to earn less than West German. “You always set out that the elements of that one day. But if you look at today, are still substantial wage differences between Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt, then a lot of bother.”

In this year is chosen to be equal in the three East German länder, Brandenburg and Saxony, on the 1. September, in Thuringia on March 27. October. The AfD hopes in all three countries on the results of more than 20 percent.