German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has been trying to your health problems from the previous day, Provide to dispel the state of their health. “I feel very good,” Merkel said on Wednesday during a discussion with students in the historic Kaiserpfalz in Goslar.

you have your glass of Water beside yourself. With the current high temperatures, you should not drink “too much coffee and more water”. Previously, you had a question on a Report, how it is doing after the incident with strong Trembling, said: “Wonderful. Interestingly, it is here.”

Merkel visited together with her former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) and his little daughter, Marie, the Museum mine Rammelsberg. Gabriel is honorary citizen of his home town of Goslar is. He had mediated the visit of the Chancellor.

On Tuesday had trembled Merkel at a reception for the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj significantly. While they waited, together with Selenskyj on the pacing of the guard of honour of the Bundeswehr, began to her legs and her body to shake violently.

As she paced the President, then the Formation, had placed the visible again. Cause dehydration because of the hot weather and low fluid intake was apparently. According to the Merkel government takes all the announced dates this week.

On Wednesday morning, the Chancellor was put in charge as usual, the meeting of the Cabinet. You Tremble from the previous day was, according to participants, there is no subject – neither at the preliminary meeting of the Union side in the Cabinet and not on the edge. At midday on Wednesday, you flew with the helicopter to visit Goslar, at the edge of the Harz mountains. After the visit there, they wanted to fly in the late afternoon to Dresden more. There is a date on the subject of artificial intelligence was planned.


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