From the 1. January has held the Federal Republic of Germany a non-permanent seat in the UN security Council. It is the sixth Time that Germany feeding for two years in the most powerful body of the United Nations. In the distance a permanent membership of Germany, the need for a Reform.

Why Germany will assume responsibility in the security Council?

The body plays in security policy has a prominent role in the 15 member States regularly discuss the conflicts in the world. The decisions of the security Council for all UN States. He can impose sanctions, peace missions, and the use of military force cheap. As a security Council member, the Federal Republic of Germany sits at the international crisis diplomacy in the first row.

How the security Council?

The United States, China, Russia, France and the UK are members of the security Council as permanent members and have Veto rights. This includes ten non-permanent members, elected by the UN General Assembly for a two-year term. Each year, occupied five non-permanent seats re – taking account of regional proportional representation.

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What are the goals of Germany in the security Council?

The German diplomacy, the goal of all eight years in the security Council, to collect tracked. In the past, the Federal Republic of Germany, was elected to reliably last for the period of 2011 and 2012. In his application for the upcoming feed in the panel, Berlin presented himself as a champion of multilateralism, as one of the Top financial contributors to the United Nations, as a generous donor of development aid, as a fighter against climate change and as important contributors of troops for UN peacekeeping missions.

Why is Germany not a permanent member of the UN?

The Federal Republic of Germany is working in cooperation with Brazil, India and Japan to Reform the security Council. This so-called G4 group raises the claim that the against the Background of the world situation of 1945, designed the security Council, the “geopolitical realities of the 21st century. Century” had to reflect. The four countries have, of course, permanent seats for themselves in the view.

A topic, two versions?

Therefore, there is according to the UN migration Pact, also a refugee Pact


German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has suggested that in the future, and not individual EU member States occupy the non-permanent seats in the security Council, but to “European Seats”. A security Council reform should, however, be in the full Assembly by a Two-thirds majority and two-thirds of the UN member States ratified and adopted, including all five Veto-powers.

especially Russia and China are against enlargement, the United States hold back with the support. The rivalry among the UN States in the question, to whom will the new seats in the security Council should go. For the foreseeable future will have to Germany, probably with a non-permanent seat in the Eight-year cycle.

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