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May want to leave on Friday for the third Time on Brexit-Deal vote (13.12 PM)EU Frontex Expansion to up to 10 000 border guards (12.17 p.m.)decides to put a German neo-Nazi on Mallorca (11.58 PM)Erdogan Hagia wants to convert Sophia to be a mosque (11.28 PM)Russia despite U.S. criticism of military assistance to Venezuela (11.26 PM)

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+++ 15.40: US government accuses Facebook of discrimination in housing ads before +++

The US government has Facebook sued with the accusation, the Online network have allowed discrimination in housing ads. This platform of the Online network for personalized advertising targeting. Real estate companies can provide this for your Ads to people with certain skin color, national origin, marital status, gender, or religious affiliation were not visible, – stated in the published on Thursday in a lawsuit of the Ministry of housing and urban development. Facebook had deleted about one week ago, the categories of age, gender, and zip code for real estate, employment, and financial indicators. The step was part of a settlement with plaintiffs who accused the Online network also discrimination.

+++ 15.30: IAAF issued to launch a further five Russian athletes start right

Five more Russian athletes in the future for international competitions, under a neutral flag. The world Association IAAF announced today. Thus, a total of 68 Russians this year are entitled to start – and also at the world Championships from the 27. September to 6. October in the Qatari capital Doha. In this year were rejected, according to the IAAF at the same time, 15 applications by Russian athletes on the start right.

+++ 15.26: BBC pays Poroshenko compensation for false report on corruption +++

The British broadcaster, the BBC will compensate the Ukrainian head of state Petro Poroshenko due to a false report about covert payments from the government in Kiev to the former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump. The BBC apologized on Thursday in a statement on its website at Poroshenko for the report from the may 2018 and explained, for the “damages and costs” to pay. The BBC report in may that the government had paid in Kiev are secretly a sum of at least $ 400,000 (reached 356,000 euros) to trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. With the money a meeting between Trump and Hillary Clinton in the White house should be in June 2017. Poroshenko, who has to fear at the weekend to his re-election as the Ukrainian head of state, had dismissed the report as false and against the BBC complained. The report gave him a “heavy damage”, especially since he at that time, a number of laws against corruption prepared.

+++ 15.16: search for body of missing Rebecca interrupted +++

The Berlin police has interrupted her big search after the missing schoolgirl Rebecca for the time being. The police assumes that the 15-Year-old was killed. After several unsuccessful Searches with sniffer dogs, in woods and divers in lakes in the East of Brandenburg must, the murder Commission is now considering how to proceed next. Rebecca is since the 18th century. February disappeared. So far, around 2000 notes were received to the missing person’s case and unexplained trips by car to the police suspect’s brother-in-law of Rebecca and Brandenburg.

+++ 15.01: at Least 17 Dead in fire at high-rise building in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka +++

In the case of the fire in a high-rise building in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, came to new information, at least 17 people were killed. Previously, there was talk of five dead. Since the fire Department scanner, the office building, threatened the victim to increase the number further, said fire Department spokesman Khurshid Alam, the news Agency AFP. In hospitals, also, dozens of injured were treated, as rescue workers said.

+++ 14.45: Trump threatens to again with the closure of the border to Mexico +++

US President Donald Trump has again threatened vaguely with a closure of the border to Mexico. “Mexico does NOTHING to help the influx of illegal migrants to stop in our country,” wrote Trump on Thursday on Twitter. The Mexicans were just talking, but doing nothing. Also in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken over the years money of the United States, but nothing in this thing done. He was considering, therefore, to close the southern border of the United States, re-wrote Trump.

+++ 13.49 PM: passengers massive failures and delays +++

threaten in this year, air travellers in Germany, according to the assessment of politics and Economics in this summer continue with delays and flight cancellations. Despite some improvements and a high level of investment, the situation in view of the growth in air traffic, tense, was the conclusion of participants in accordance with the second air travel summit in Hamburg.

+++ 13.20 PM: reporters without borders complained of the danger for journalists in Ukraine +++

Before the President election in Ukraine this Sunday, the organization reporters without borders (RWB), freedom of the press in the crisis, the country is increasingly in danger. “More and more media workers are detained to the end of violence in their work,” said ROG in Berlin. The organization defendant also cases in which foreign correspondents were not allowed to enter the country. The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was also concerned about the dangers for journalists.

disillusionment after the Maidan

war, torture, despotism: The forgotten Ukraine

By Ellen Ivits

Before the President election in Ukraine this Sunday, the organization reporters without borders (RWB), freedom of the press in the crisis, the country is increasingly in danger. “More and more media workers are detained to the end of violence in their work,” said ROG in Berlin on Thursday. The organization defendant also cases in which foreign correspondents were not allowed to enter the country. The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was also concerned about the dangers for journalists.

+++ 13.12 PM: May want to leave on Friday for the third Time on Brexit agreement, vote +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to leave this Friday again over her already two Times in the Parliament abgeschmetterten Deal to the EU vote exit. The the for Parliament Affairs Minister Andrea Leadsom said.

+++ 12.55 PM: Controversial self-defense Reform in Italy takes last hurdle +++

A controversial Reform of the self-defense law in Italy has taken the final hurdle. The Senate gave the green light for the Changes, the burglary victims nach view of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini more rights to defend themselves against burglars, even with the weapon. The Opposition criticized the law. Judges and defence lawyers warn that the Reform sends a wrong message, suggesting that in the future it will always be justified to shoot at intruders. People who have been hurt from self-defense, burglar, should not be sentenced pain can money.

+++ 12.36 PM: Eleven Dead in bomb explosion in Mogadishu +++

Due to a bomb explosion in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, were killed on Thursday at least eleven people. Rescue workers in languages in addition to 16 injured by the force of the Detonation. A safety representative of the government said that the Explosion was probably caused by an explosive-Laden car triggered.

+++ 12.33 PM: Rare find: Etruscan tomb on the island of Corsica is free +++

laid for the First time in decades, archaeologists have unearthed a well-preserved Etruscan tomb in the Mediterranean. Excavations on the island of Corsica have been promoting a nearly 2400-year-old skeleton and a number of pottery vessels such as the excavation’s leader, Laurent Vidal explained on the site near the commune of Aléria. The underground tomb, came “from the years 300 to 350 before Christ,” said Vidal. “Such a tomb has not been discovered for several decades in the Mediterranean,” said the Corsican regional Director for cultural issues, Franck Léandri, the AFP news Agency.

On the site, archaeologists found at the since June 2018 ongoing excavations around 130 graves from the Roman period, and numerous pieces of jewelry. As the main Fund of the older underground Etruscan tomb at the end of a six-Meter-long Ganges. There, next to the skeleton by 17 ceramic vessels, as well as two bronze objects found, which could belong to, according to excavation Director Vidal to a mirror. The Etruscans lived up to the first century before Christ in an area that includes the present-day Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. After the conquest by the Romans, their culture was largely of the Roman Empire.

+++ 12.25 PM: at Least 14 Dead in landslide in a Mine in the Congo +++

In a landslide in a Mine in the Eastern Congo at least 14 people were killed. A further 16 people had been injured in the accident near the town of Nyabibwe in South Kivu province, a senior official said. The rescue work lasted, may be, there are still other victims, it said. In the Mine of Kalimbi, the Mineral cassiterite is mined the Tin is obtained. The cause of the accident was initially unclear. In the Region, has recently begun the rainy season, which increases the risk of landslides.

+++ 12.17 PM: EU decides Frontex Expansion to up to 10,000 border guards +++

For the protection of the European external borders should be strengthened the EU border force Frontex to 2027 up to 10,000 forces. The participants of the negotiations between EU member States and the European Parliament informed.

+++ 12:13 PM: Five Dead in fire in the office tower in Dhaka +++

In case of a fire in an office tower in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka, came to at least five deaths, the AFP reported. Three of the victims were died by jumping out of the burning office tower, the authorities declared. It was feared that many more people are trapped in the building by the flames.

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