Russia has supported a report by the US Senate, specifically with word, picture and Videos in social networks, the election of US President Donald Trump in 2016. After the arrival of Trump, the efforts had been intensified even more, reported the Washington Post on Monday citing a Senate report, a draft of which has been submitted to the newspaper.

“it is Clear that all messages should favor the Republicans – especially Donald Trump,” it says. It was the most extensive investigation of the Russian disinformation campaign.

Russia should be encouraged Conservative to Trump choice, potential opponents of the election have distracted

the Russian players would have divided US users of different social networks in interest groups, writes the paper.

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Ex-lawyer Cohen on Trump: “it is Sad that I have to be here for his dirty deeds,”

issues such as gun laws and Migration are, for example, have been targeted to Conservative, to encourage you as to the choice of Trumps. Any potential opponent should be distracted from the election and held.

The report, is to appear in the course of the week, refers to data of a research project of the University of Oxford. By mid-year 2017 entries from social networks were studied, which were provided by the platforms of Facebook, Google and Twitter. About Russian influence during the Congress elections last November, the study makes no statements.

The report follows up on findings of US national security authorities, according to which Russia got involved heavily in the US presidential election in 2016. The U.S. intelligence services were already during the then election campaign to the realization that Russia was behind the hacker attacks on the environment of Trumps opponent Hillary Clinton.

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