A 19-year-old man was arrested in the US city of Arnold in the state of Missouri, because he had administered two work colleagues without their Knowledge LSD. As the news portal “The Kansas City Star” reported, he liked the work atmosphere. The man is employed by a car rental.

To the police, he said, the work colleagues – a man at the age of 24 years and a 23-year-old woman – were “too tense” and needed more “positive energy”. This is a Problem he wanted to solve apparently by a drug. He laces the drinks of his colleagues with a few drops of LSD. You had been, as stated in the report of the “Kansas City Star”, dizzy, without that you would have known why.

LSD in the drinks: a work colleague to the hospital

His superiors have observed the 19-Year-old, as he had “behaved oddly” and to create the drinks the other had made, writes the “New York Post”. However, you didn’t call first, the police. It was only when the two colleagues began to behave in strange, have you alerted the guards.

The work colleagues then had to be hospitalized. To you it went better, after the action had subsided the drug. The drinks will be examined in the police laboratory. Depending on the result, then charges against the 19 should be charged-Year-old.

LSD is considered to be one of the strongest known hallucinogens. The drug leads in their consumers to a very intense perception and altered perception of time. The people will feel a euphoric mood. In the US, LSD is banned, as well as in Germany.

sources: “The Kansas City Star” / “New York Post”


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