A 50-Year-old has made in the night to new year in the Ruhr area apparently targeted his car on the hunt for pedestrians and at least four people injured. In a joint press release of the police headquarters in Recklinghausen and Münster, as well as the Prosecutor’s office to eat, it is said that the investigators go out currently of a targeted attack that may be due to a xenophobic attitude of the driver.

shortly after midnight, the man, accordingly, went up first, from the direction of the South of the town center on a Person, to you, to approach, obviously on purpose. The targeted victims of the attack escaped, however.

Four people in the Bottrop city center injured


just before the train arrives: a man pushes counterparty to the track-bed and holds him there, fixed


“Then the food coming drivers with his silver-colored Mercedes moved more in the direction of the Bottrop city center”, the investigators. At the Berlin court, he went again to a group of people, this time four people were injured, some seriously.

Among the Victims of Syrian and Afghan nationals. Information about the “WAZ” ,, floated a young woman who had been hit by a car, in danger of their lives. The nationality of the driver has not been named. Then the Suspect with his vehicle, fled to eat in the direction, however, could be on the road, the grave of Horst stopped. He was arrested.

in the Meantime, the man would have tried to go to Essen, to drive his car deliberately into a group of people waiting at a bus stop. Why is this the first assassination attempt had failed, remained unclear.

performances at the “Neujährchen” in Bottrop cancelled

Already at the time of his arrest, the driver said with xenophobic remarks. In addition, authorities were investigating information about a mental illness of the driver, it says.

The city of Bottrop said as a reaction to the events of the stage program for the Tuesday’s planned Celebration of the “Neujährchen” again:

last night, it was a serious incident at the Berlin court. A Person…

is at least Posted from Bottrop.100. on Tuesday, may 1. January 2019

sources: media portal of the police, the city of Bottrop (Facebook), “WAZ” (payment offer)

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