Different schools, different curricula, different graduation tasks – education in Germany is the responsibility of the States. The majority of the Federal citizens of the according to a recent survey, however, is critical.

Almost 70 percent want the Federal government determined to be stronger. More than half (57 percent) rejects the jurisdiction of the countries, such as the survey conducted by the opinion research Institute YouGov showed. Only one-third of finds, it is therefore good that the countries have in forming the hat on.

most of The opponents of the country-jurisdiction in the state of Brandenburg (78 percent), Thuringia (72 per cent) and Schleswig-Holstein (71 percent). Most of the Fans of the formation of federalism has, however, in the Saarland, where almost every Second finds him rather good or very good.

Currently, is this debate because of the so-called Digitalpakts school. The Federal government wants to give the countries of five billion Euro for the equipment of the schools with Wi-Fi and some Laptops and Tablets as well as digital learning content. However, the country cut him off, as they see their sovereignty over education issues in danger – especially because of the financial the basic law of the syringe to be changed and the Federal government would permanently more influence. Baden-württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green) ranted about a “fundamental attack” on the Federal level to the länder competences.

Currently, the mediation Committee of the Bundestag and the Federal Council negotiated for it. On Monday a working group to negotiate a compromise. The negotiator of the countries of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig, hopes to have an agreement up to the meetings of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat on Friday.

“The deadlocked debate about the digital Pact school shows how education federalism prevents some of the key choices for the digital age,” said the President of the digital Association Bitkom, Achim Berg. While the Federal government and the countries fought over financing and jurisdiction, render the schools an international connection.

The digitalization of schools is for the majority of the German citizens is a big issue. 81 percent said in the YouGov survey, it was important to them that the schools for digital Learning would be better equipped. Large majorities also demanded a uniform curriculum and equal Abitur tasks. The States would have to vote in all educational issues better, they demanded.


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