“Exciting attractions, magical Shows, as well as fairy tales waiting for You”: it says So on the website of the Magic Park Verden (lower Saxony). But what the visitors to the start of the season, the recreation area experienced last weekend, was more of a nightmare.

As reported by the news Agency “nonstop news”, was overshadowed by the day of the premiere of numerous incidents. A roller coaster derailed, a bouncy castle collapsed and a Ferris wheel was defective. Even an employee was injured. And, although the tickets have been taken off the shops previously from the TÜV without any complaints.

A woman was sitting with her husband and two children in the roller coaster “Iron snake”, as this suddenly derailed. The transmitter Sat1 she explained that the railway was previously a funny noise, you heard a Bang, and it got violently Jumpy. Then the train went suddenly backwards. As they were short on the floor, threw her husband in a panic, one of the children on the lawn and jumped in after. He then tried, with the hands to stop, rather he moved it, and the second child from the ride.

coaster in the Magic Park, TÜV-tested

managing Director Thomas Lewandrowski, regrets the accident: “This is, of course, the worst-case scenario that can happen. Personally, I can apologize for it and we as a Park, of course. This should not, and should not happen.” Nevertheless, he asserted that safety has the highest priority. “We are also encouraged to let the plants by the TÜV, which is also happening this year in front of the opening on a rotational basis.”

dear guests and Fans of the knights of the rust Magic Park Verden, unfortunately, it came in yesterday, an incident…

Posted by rusty the Knight – Magic Park Verden, on Sunday, 31. March 2019

Nevertheless, the roller coaster made a test run again independently, and drove back in reverse. A Park should have been running staff in the running train and injured. He was lying in the hospital, him go well under the circumstances.


With nearly 30 in the amusement Park: published If the fear of public vomiting gets out of hand

On Facebook, the Park is now a opinion. “From as yet unexplained reasons, there was a Defect in one of the cars with a high level of noise. Present in spirit, our staff has initiated promptly and properly the Emergency stop of the train, quickly safety for all passengers. We regret this incident and want to emphasize at this point that the security for the Magic Park is at the top! All the rides were of course tested before the start of the season by a TÜV-experts and are subject to regular maintenance.”

other carousels with different defect

Among the comments, a woman reported that her children were sitting more than 20 minutes in the dragons ‘ train. It was on this day, multiple defective. Other rides should not have to work, and a bouncy castle with children playing to be collapsed. A security risk it is, in the opinion of the Manager, however. “We spend a lot of money for maintenance,” says Lewandrowski. “And we are, of course, encouraged to spend this money, otherwise we can not fulfill the TÜV requirements.”

As for the intermediate cases could come, is still unclear. The roller coaster should be, and remains disabled until the cause has been found.

sources: “nonstop news”/Sat 1/Facebook


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