The U.S. channel Discovery Channel wants to live, and in front of cameras a thousand year old Egyptian sarcophagus open. In a special two-hour broadcast on Sunday evening, the coffin will open, in which a 3000-year old mummy is announced to the transmitter. Researchers suspect that the mummy is an Egyptian nobleman.

The tomb was discovered in February last year, Minja, a city on the Nile South of Cairo. Archaeologists have discovered during an Expedition in a network of tunnels and tombs, 40 mummies.

Open the sarcophagus could be tourism. boost

A spokesman for the channel told AFP that the project was a cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities To the Live broadcast, the well-known archaeologist and former Minister for antiquities will participate, Sahi Hawass,. Whether the Discovery of the Egyptian government has paid for the shipment of money, the spokesman said.

“in the end, it is a media spectacle, but it could bring the people to a passion for antiquities,” said an Egyptian archaeologist who wished to remain anonymous, to AFP. If the shipment was done well, it could also be a Chance for tourism. Egypt, tempted by the marketing of archaeological discoveries boost tourism, since the protests against the then-ruler Hosni Mubarak, fell in 2011.

rw / AFP

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