Not a single space was free as the pastor Dietrich Köhler-Miggel held on Sunday at 10.30 am in the city of Duisburg, Jesus-Christ-Church in his last sermon before the deserved rest. Some visitors even had to say goodbye to their popular pastor after almost 28 years of age from the Trinity community. But Köhler-Miggels 450. Worship ended tragically. During the sermon, the 64-Year-old collapsed and was taken, after he had been cared for by rescue forces only, in a hospital. There, the pastor, died on Sunday at the consequences of the collapse. The Church service was aborted.

Trinity-Church deep

shaken, “He will leave a painful gap,” reads the Website of the Evangelical-Lutheran parish of Trinity on the day after the death of the priest. After the terrible turn that witnessed many Church-goers, remain a deep vibration. How “” reported to have set fire to many members of the congregation prior to the Church funeral candles and carried with the moving words in a condolence book. “He was a funny and good-hearted man. Not only in the Church, even if he Buchholz with his wheel was in Duisburg-on-the-go, it’s always time for a short conversation,” wrote a Christian, which was confirmed by Köhler-Miggel. “Please remember, the price tags of your shoes to figure it out, so that the blessing of the environment, not everyone knows how expensive your shoes were,” have advised “KöMi” you once prior to the Confirmation worship service.

From a high voltage electrician to the priest

as unfathomable as the sudden death of the pastor will also be away to the priest. Because in his first professional Köhler-Miggel life was a high voltage electrician. After training, he studied the place as an engineer but no job. As an Alternative, only the Church had come for him in question, quoted by the “West German General newspaper” in one of his last Interviews. In 1991, he joined as a 37-Year-old in the Trinity-municipality to Duisburg-Buchholz. His Era ended on a tragic way.


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