The Federal court had overturned the first ruling, in February 2017, because the judges of the justification was sufficient. The judge at the Berlin district court came on Tuesday but on the same judgment, and the two sent then 24, and 26-year-old racer for life behind bars. They were delivered in February 2016 on the promenade in the capital, a car race, and with more than 150 kilometers per hour in the Jeep of a 69-year-old pensioner drove. The man was dead on the spot. The judgment is not yet final.

the judge called speeders “self-indulgent and reckless”

The judge looked at it as proved, to have taken the driver of the two high-powered cars, the death of the retired doctor approvingly. “What happened had to do with negligence on the part of nothing,” said the presiding judge on Tuesday. “The defendants have played from vain occasion with the lives of other people.” He described the racer as “self-indulgent and reckless”. With the ruling, the court largely corresponded to the requirement of the public Prosecutor’s office.

murder verdict in the racer process

victim in the illegal car race: Why was there for the death of these girls is comparatively mild sentences

another criminal chamber of the Berlin regional court had sentenced the two racers two years ago because of murder to life imprisonment. The judges of the Federal court found justified the conditional intention to Kill but insufficient to offset the judgment and ordered a retrial. In the new process, the judges in Berlin came to the same conclusion as their colleagues.

defendants would be “deer”

In her closing words, showed the two men, according to the German press Agency, at least a little remorse. A admitted that he would “like to undo what happened”. The younger defendant stressed, therefore, want to sincerely apologize.

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