Shortly before the US-North Korea summit in Vietnam, a lookalike of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is said to have been reported from Hanoi. The Australian with the artist name Howard X wrote on Monday on his Facebook page that officials had picked him up from the Hotel and escorted to the airport. Vietnamese officials would not comment on the case.

Howard X see Kim confusingly similar to and contributes performances of the same glasses and Uniform, and the same hair commander-in-chief-section as the power. The second Meeting between the real Kim and US President, Donald Trump is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi. In terms of content, it is about steps towards nuclear disarmament of North Korea and the possible benefits of Washington.


recorded in Front of the world’s much-lauded the summit of the Kim-Double, had together with the Trump-impersonator on the streets of Hanoi to scan. The police have the two of you during a television interview at the weekend, was detained and interrogated, wrote Howard X on Facebook. They were asked not to during the summit. On Sunday he had been informed that his visa was invalid, re-wrote Howard X. The Trump-impersonator was not reported.

“It just proves that all dictatorships fear any Form of Satire, even something as trivial as a DoppelgangeR,” wrote X. prior to the first US-North Korea summit in June 2018, he worked as a Kim impersonator in Singapore occurred.

fin / DPA

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