In the proceedings against the former National security adviser to US President Donald Trump will be announced on Tuesday by a Federal court in Washington, the penalties. FBI special investigator Robert Mueller has not recommended, to detain the former security Advisor, Michael Flynn, because of his cooperation in the Russia investigation. The lawyers at Flynn’s have requested a suspended sentence of not more than one year with minimal Supervision, and 200 hours of community service.

Flynn had known a year ago guilty in FBI interrogations deliberately false information about contacts with the former Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergey Kisljak. With Kisljak Flynn spoke in December 2016 illegally on US sanctions against Moscow and an upcoming vote on a UN Resolution on Israel’s settlement policy. Trump had already won the presidential election, in the office of his predecessor, Barack Obama was but still.

Michael Flynn was only 24 days, the National improved security Advisor to Donald Trump

Through his contacts with Kisljak Flynn rushed in the end. He was only 24 days Trumps National security adviser – shorter than everyone in front of him in the office. He joined at 13. February 2017, after he had to admit, to have Vice-President Mike Pence about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador lied to.

Flynn has given also to the judicial authorities, gives false information to a project, in which he acted prior to his appointment as safety adviser on behalf of the Turkish government. Because of these allegations was charged on Monday against two business partners Flynn’s charge of “illicit agent activity” for the Turkish government. The aim was to the satisfaction of the public Prosecutor’s office, concealed efforts to find a delivery of the preacher Fethullah Gulen to Turkey.

U.S. special investigators highlighted the “significant support” Flynn’s

Mueller had highlighted the “significant support” Flynn’s in its investigations. Mueller examines, among other things, whether there has been in the presidential campaign of 2016, the collusion of the Trump camp with representatives of Russia. Trump rejects it and speaks of a “witch-hunt”.

last Wednesday, a Federal court in New York had sentenced the former lawyer for trump, Michael Cohen, to a three-year prison sentence. Cohen had given to, among other things, to have the Congress at its Russia-investigations in connection with a planned construction project Trumps in Moscow lied to. In court, Cohen said, he saw it as his duty to cover up Trumps “dirty deeds”.

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