is Bad news for the world of men: According to a comprehensive study on the topic of dishonesty, which was conducted by scientists at the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for research in education and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, that men are more likely to lie than women.

a Total of lodges in the experiments, 42 percent of all the men and “only” 38 percent of all women. The presumption that men were more likely to lie than women, so confirmed, even if the difference is only a (very) low. The result also shows that the tendency to lie depends on its age. Lie as Younger more often than Older ones. While the probability that someone is lying, is a 20-Year-olds to about 47%, in the case of a 60-Year-olds, only 36 percent.

economy, students can breathe a sigh of relief

the researchers found, for example, no evidence that economic students are allegedly most frequently lies.

The first lie is the hardest

An Experiment to transfer why notorious liar harder

For the investigation of very different experiments were used. For example, a coin toss game. The participants toss a coin and give the Computer the result. If heads, you get the money, tails, you go blank. The test is made more frequently and with many subjects, would have to be the ratio of head to number a total of 50 to 50. However, almost all of the studies showed that subjects call more often head as a number. Some of the participants to lie to get more money.

Who when and why, (unfortunately) unclear. “Although there are numerous studies that examine who is lying when, and why, the results are not clear, sometimes even contradictory,” said MPI researchers Philipp Gerlach.

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