After the Failure of his first moon mission, Israel does not want to give up. The Non-Profit organization SpaceIL, the operator of the probe, plan a second trip to the moon, reported the Israeli TV.

The probe “Beresheet” was shattered on Thursday after a technical fault with the landing on the moon. Israel had hoped to land as the fourth Nation after the great powers Russia, the USA and China on the moon. It was the first privately funded Mission like this.

The main Sponsor and Chairman of SpaceIL, Morris Kahn, said: “in view of the large international support that I have received for this project, I decided for a new project: Beresheet 2.” Kahn said: “We have started it, and I hope that we will it also lead to the end.”

The probe with a weight of just 600 kg and 1.50 metres in height should be setting an Israeli flag on the moon and the magnetic field to investigate.

The Israeli SpaceIL wanted to create a prototype for future commercial moon landings. The construction of the probe has cost the equivalent of 84 million euros. The money came mainly from private donors, Kahn. SpaceIL receives support from the Israeli space Agency (ISA) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).


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