Andreas T. wore his attitude on the skin. On his torso, the Berlin police Commissioner, who had a swastika tattoo. The victory-Rune of the SS. The notes of the Horst-Wessel-song rounded off the Whole. In the summer of 2007, police searched his apartment. On the walls framed photos of Adolf Hitler and Rudolf were hanging Hess. On a mug that the policeman drank in the morning, probably for his coffee, emblazoned with the lettering: “Rudolf Hess, forever in our hearts”.

Right-wing police officers, there is always time for headlines. In Frankfurt, five police officers have now been suspended from duty (read more about the backgrounds). They should have spread via Whatsapp groups, Hitler pics, swastikas and right-wing agitation. And not only that: The Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basy-Yildiz, which represents Islamists, had received an anonymous threat by Fax. Sender “NSU 2.0″ threatened to slaughter their two-year-old daughter””. Investigation revealed that the reporting data the lawyer of one of Frankfurt’s police computer had been queried. Apparently, without reason. According to a report the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” will be faced with more services to be targeted by the investigators.

The indignation is great. “Police officers need to stand in doubt on the ground of our liberal democratic order and in this setting, police officers cannot be the slightest doubt,” says the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU). “We will proceed with great determination,” promises the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU). Also the police Union shows itself to be shaken. National Chairman Oliver Malchow calls “the uncompromising Removal from the police service,” should the accusations be confirmed.

Nazi police officer suffered ten years Sold

But not always be dismissed policemen that stand out by radical right-wing ideas, from the service. The civil service law can be very mild, such as the case of Andreas T. shows. In 2007, the Commissioner has been suspended from the service. The extreme-right police officer found a lenient judge. They spoke him free, because of using of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, or ran aground him fines. For a removal from the service, that was not enough.

“Obnoxious backgrounds”

the right network in the Frankfurt police, the LKA switch on


administrative court and higher administrative court agreed that A right-wing officials violated his fiduciary duties, not necessarily. Andreas T. was referring more to his Wages. The police had him transfer around 2,300 Euro / month for month on the account. Until the end of 2017, the Federal administrative court stated: “anyone Who rejects the liberal-democratic, legal and social state order of the basic law, the exercise of public office is not suitable”. It is only now that the neo-Nazis, Andreas T. could be from the police service dismissed. After more than ten years. “Finally”, was the headline in the press.

The police officials and the state conservationist Edmund H. from Berlin was allowed to remain in the service. In 2014, he sent over the phone right-wing Christmas greetings to 21 colleagues. The motives: Christmas tree balls with swastikas, Adolf Hitler in a Santa Claus costume, says in a speech bubble: “Ho-Ho-Holocaust”. A Christmas tree top with the “Sieg-Heil”-lettering. A Christmas tree in front of a swastika Flag, to the sentence: “fortunately, everything is HEALING!”. That had been just “a silly joke”, and defended himself, Edmund H. the court. “I want to distance myself from the content. I think not so.” The punishment was mild: of 2,750 Euro fine.

riot police in the Ku Klux Klan

Sometimes the Minister does not seek the interior in the first place, the rights of police officers to get rid of, as in Baden-Württemberg. There, the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution in the year 2000 for V-man, “Corelli”, a neo-Nazi from the hall, a “special use”. He was supposed to spy on the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The racist secret society of the USA had founded in the area of Schwäbisch Hall as a spin-off. In fact, Corelli’s “Explosive found”: Two officers of the riot police of Baden-Württemberg, were members of the Ku Klux Klan.

scandal in the state of Hesse

right network to reach even further into the police – Green call for police officers


The Ministry of interior was slow to investigate the police officers. Two years it lasted, until disciplinary proceedings have been initiated. Then the chief of police told the internal investigators, the case of the “fast and sensitive, but not in the width of the” educate. In fact, the investigation of a further three years dragged on. The police officers came in with a complaint, and were allowed to remain in service. They wouldn’t have known that the Ku-Klux-Klan racist, defended the police officers. They had kept the KKK for “a kind of religious community”. André Schulz, the then Chairman of the Federation of German criminal police officer, found clear words: “I wonder how much the stupidity or detachment from the world may be stuck in a police officer, without being removed from the service.”

Hitler greeting as a “slip-up”

this Mild, apparently has a long-standing Tradition, showing a case from the 90s. At a farewell party in Nuremberg, a pupil of the riot police in 1996 showed police the Hitler salute and were taking pictures. The photo lab has reported. The seven police officers at the age of 23 to 25 years were suspended. Quickly they returned to the service. Reason: the Ministry of The interior evaluated the Whole thing as a “celebration of excess” and “single slip”.

the police of the Right moves? “Many police officers are more likely to value conservatively,” says Dr. Rafael Baer, a Professor at the police Academy in Hamburg, the “Frankfurter Neue Presse”. “And who goes in with a clear concept in the police and there are many fainting experiences, such as eye-catching perpetrators must always be re-run, can be prone to be Thinking for a authoritarian. It doesn’t have to be that way.” Behr was once a COP.

Only the old studies on recruitment of police officers

“There is, I believe, in Berlin, a COP who has not chosen the AfD,” said television presenter Peter Hahne the end of 2017 in the talk show by Sandra Maischberger. Benjamin Jendro, press spokesman of the GdP in Berlin, disagrees: “I personally know a variety of colleagues, the have elected the SPD, the CDU, the FDP, or the Greens. It may be that individual members have voted in the AfD, but the only one clearly – the Berlin police is a mirror image of the society.”

This is consistent with a study on the political views of police officers. It dates back to the year 1989. One other study that has examined the xenophobia of police, dated from the year 1996. Their conclusion is that xenophobic attitudes in police officers, although no “systematic pattern of behavior”, but by no means isolated cases. A recent study on the political attitude of police officers.

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