Spain fears for the life of a two-year-old boy to be plunged when Playing in a 110-Meter-deep well shaft. The need to maintain hope for a good outcome, posted, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Twitter. Without success, over 100 members of the fire brigade, the police, the civil protection and other emergency services are continuing, meanwhile, for the night of the search in a rural area of the municipality of Totalán in Málaga province. There is no news, informed of the accident emergency service on Monday on Twitter. Whether Julen was still alive, remained unknown.

a helper in Spain discovered candy bag

The Small is supposed to be like on Sunday lunch during a trip to his family in the country in the shaft. A police spokesman said on request, while there is “no physical proof” that the child was actually in the hole. However assuming. The family informed, you have to listen to Julen in the Interior of the Bay wines. The older the game, the stones had comrades before the alleged fall, with which the Opening was obstructed, reported the TV channel RTVE relying on the parents.

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“He is really happy”: parents talk about the first reunion with her son


The search was also difficult because the shaft had a diameter of approximately 25 centimeters, said before journalists, the spokesman for the paramilitary police unit of the Guardia Civil, Manuel Molto. With a camera it had penetrated to a depth of almost 80 meters, and I found a bag of candy that Julen had, informed the rescue teams.

Because earth have solved the plug to the shaft, does not come with the camera further forward, it said. Moisture and cold are difficult on Monday, the search, stated the representative of the Spanish Ministry of the interior in Andalusia, María Gámez. You are looking at the possibility of digging a parallel shaft to find the boy.

sources: Pedro Sánchez on Twitter, accident emergency service on Twitter

wue / DPA

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