The Brexit goes not only for Britain, for the EU the objective of the exit of the British is to the Nuisance. Nevertheless, the heads of state and government is not passed, the heads of the Laughter is complete. At the beginning of the meeting in Brussels on Wednesday evening, when a re-shift of the Brexit, it was decided, anyway, to be giggled once more. And, although the topic actually anyone Laugh feel.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May had delicious about something that was seen on Merkel’s Tablet. A Video that shows how Merkel around your Tablet and also at the other summit participants for a Smile.

Brexit summit: Merkel May look like partners

Quick was in the net of speculation about what could be so funny. And also the Outfit of the two women –Merkel and Jan were published in the partners look, in bright Blue, the color of Europe.

The similar clothing, it was eventually also made for great Amusement. In the early afternoon both of them had stood – coincidentally, at the same time in this Outfit the deputies of their parliaments in Berlin and London.

A photo of these two performances shows side by side, was the “ice-breaker” to kick off the difficult Brexit-session in Brussels. Merkel was, according to information from your Delegation on Twitter-spread the message with the recording on your Tablet first May, then President of the European Council Donald Tusk and other members, and caused great laughter.

May consulted with the 27 other heads of state and government then for a good hour. Then it went on without you. At the end of the summit, a re-compromise stand postponed: The deadline for the Brexit wrd for the third Time, the current date is now the 31. October.

sources: Twitter / DPA


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