The pension from 63 continues to enjoy high popularity. 2018 have been provided 251.000 new applications, reported the “Handelsblatt” (Friday), citing the German pension insurance.

The only slightly less than in the record year of 2017, as nearly 254 received 000 applications. Since the entry into force of the new regulation in July 2014, the pension insurance is recorded according to its own data, almost 1.2 million requests.

anyone Who has deposited at least 45 years in the pension Fund, you can go with 63 years of the tee-free pension. The age limit is raised since the introduction of the scheme per year to two months, so that the boomers can go from 1964 until 65 after 45 years, the tee-free retirement. Periods of unemployment are counted as periods spent raising children or caring for elderly relatives. Not crediting periods will be taken into account because of School or high school visit.

The economy is criticized that the labour market be withdrawn by the regime that are urgently needed skilled workers. “It is one of the Irrationalities of the current policy: We need to attract foreign professionals to respond to demographic change and at the same time in the morning, we annuitize domestic professionals tee free,” said Steffen Kampeter, the chief Executive of the Federal Association of German employers ‘ associations (BDA), the newspaper said. The pension from 63 developing increasingly into a “brake on Growth”.


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