The Finns have elected a new Parliament on Sunday. In the surveys, it was projected that the social-democratic SDP won the majority of votes. In recent surveys, they received almost 19 percent. The official result for the SDP is at 17.7 percent. Hair landed sharply behind the right-wing populist PS, better known as “The Finns”. The two parties were able to win compared to the last election in 2015, reported the newspaper “the Helsinki Times”.

the Big loser is the centre party of the current Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. His party Kesk lost 7.3 percent of the votes compared to the previous year, and 18 seats in the Parliament. Well, the green Vihr section, however, which won five seats. Unusually to the choice of output: None of the parties more than 20 percent could not be achieved, reported the radio station Yle.

General election

Finland’s social Democrats will win with a razor-thin majority

AFP SDP, the largest party in Finland

The SDP, the largest party in Finland, according to this choice, the last time she was like this in 1999. In 2003, the social Democrats were the least of a Prime Minister. The SDP could win now, is mainly due to the failure of the current government coalition of the centre party. Sipilä, a former businessman, had promised to bring as Prime Minister, the efficiency of the private sector in the government. The austerity policy of his government and the labour market attempts as a controversial, so-called activation model arrived in the electorate, however, is not good, to the advantage of the opposition social Democrats.

SDP head Antti Rinne told the broadcaster Yle, after the election: “I hope we can solve the unemployment problem we have these days in Finland. It is the pensioners, students, and families with children, which it is not doing so well in Finland.” The unemployment rate in the Scandinavian country is at 8.6 percent.

formation of a government with an uncertain outcome

Nevertheless, the victory contains some of the fly in the ointment. Although the social Democrats were able to decide for themselves, their a result of one of the worst in its history. On the other hand, the formation of a government is difficult. It depends on the one that none of the parties could win more than 20 percent. Alone, the three largest parties – the SPD, the PS and the conservative Kok – have to 17 percent. Another reason big social reforms that needs Finland. And for this it needs a majority in Parliament.

The SDP would come up with the Green and Left on the joint 76 of the 200 seats in the Parliament and would therefore open the door for other coalition partners, either the centre party or Kok. Most likely, according to Yle, a coalition consisting of the SDP, the Kok, the Greens and the Swedish minority party. But it could just as well be that the SDP finds itself in Opposition again, if the formation of a government fails. A consequence would then be a Right government, led by HP. The Kok had, however, ruled out a government with the right-wing populists.

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