Russian Propaganda experts used during the US election campaign of 2016, all online platforms, in order to influence the outcome of the elections in favour of the current President, Donald Trump (read more here). Months later, they want to defame the man, the Trump could be transported from the White house: special investigator Robert Mueller.

by Using Fake Accounts in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook should be stamped Mueller, of the determined because the possible intervention of Russia in the presidential election in 2016, far-fetched and are criminalized. The “the Washington Post reported” and cites, among other things, on two independent studies for the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate, which included findings on the alleged methods of the St. Petersburg-based “Internet Research Agency” (IRA). The IRA is regarded as a “Troll factory” of the Russian government. Trolls are called Internet users, interfere with aware of Online debates, and manipulate.

report to the disinformation campaign

Manipulation on all channels: Russia will have an impact for a Trump-election specifically voters

DPA Robert Mueller, the “corrupt” U.S. special investigator

So the Russian trolls have scattered on the net that Mueller had been working with “radical Islamic groups”, reported the Washington Post. “Corrupt” should be the U.S. special investigator, his investigations on a “conspiracy theory” based. The posts a track here, apparently, and to defame the same goal: Mueller.

A Team of Clemson University, that has nothing to do with the official report, it numbered, according to the “Washington Post” about 5,000 Tweets, the Russian trolls against Mueller and divided had written. In some of them the discharge of the special investigator had been called for, others referred to him as “incompetent” and criticized his “all the fake investigation”.

election-Manipulation on all channels

The researchers of the computer propaganda project at the UK’s Oxford University, the analysis of the online networks, a company specializing in Graphika, as well as the in the fight against online proganda, a company active in New Knowledge evaluated for your studies millions of Internet messages. Accordingly, the IRA took advantage of in addition to Facebook and Twitter on the dissemination of photos specialized Facebook subsidiary, Instagram and the Video platform YouTube intensively for their Propaganda activities in the United States. With their messages under a concealed identity on Thousands of established online accounts, the IRA didn’t want to be of clear benefit “of the Republican party, and in particular Donald Trump,” in the Oxford/Graphika study.

A focus to be located in these Online activities to demobilize African Americans, members of sexual minorities, and left-liberal voters, “demo”, say the experts. So the Russian trolls would have propagated the view that it is the best decision in the interest of the African-American community “to boycott the election”. One of the IRA created an online account with the name “Blacktivist” spread messages about Trumps rival Hillary Clinton, who put her under to have no real interest in the African Americans. “No life count for Hillary Clinton. Only counting votes for Hillary Clinton,” was one of the messages.

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