A house in a picturesque Italian Village? In Zungoli, and Mussomeli’s no Problem. Here the houses are now for one Euro is sold. As a result, the municipalities have to be revived, because Zungoli and Mussomeli suffering, like many other village regions in Italy, including that people move to larger cities.

The two towns, following the example of other places to try for quite some time already, with this method, new residents attract. In order for potential buyers easier to find a suitable property, were now set up their own Websites. Here are the Portfolios of the houses can be viewed. In Zungoli, the mayor Paolo Caruso has even set up a task force made up of volunteers, is available to the interested parties to the side and advises, according to CNN.

houses in Italy through its own Agency.

sold to The larger town of Mussomeli in Sicily, it has made potential buyers even easier to find the right property. Here is a multilingual real estate Agency handles the sale of the 1 Euro houses. Photos of the objects can be viewed on the Website www.case1euro.it . The English Version of the Website also contains an interactive map with detailed information about each building.

residence in the South

This picturesque village in Sicily real estate sold for only 1 Euro

“The owners call us every day to sell their old homes,” said Councilman Toti Nigrelli told CNN. 100 of which are currently on sale and may be another 400 be suitable, so Nigrelli. “This project is my life’s purpose, but if I would have done it alone, I would have become crazy.” Who wants one of the houses to buy, just need to select a home on the Internet and a viewing appointment. A house would be like, so a Meeting with a notary would, then, said Nigrelli.

the crux of The whole matter: Each buyer agrees to renovate the house within 3 years. Even if him here all options are open, and he must follow no guidelines.

There is also a small Bonus: interested buyer will get a guided tour through the city, sample the Top sights to visit and the local cuisine. The special program for buyers, however, costs 400 Euro. For those who have always dreamed of, a bed-and-Breakfast in Italy is open, or to have just a holiday home in the country of the “Dolce Vita”, this should not be an obstacle.

source: , CNN


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