helpers are looking for in Spain more desperate for the two-year-old boy to be plunged when Playing in a more than 100-metre-deep well shaft. The rescue work for the little Julen has not been interrupted at the scene of the accident in a rural area of the municipality of Totalán in the province of Málaga in the night to Tuesday. Whether Julen was still alive, remained unknown.

family heard like the child cry

In the 110-Meter-deep shaft? Spaniards in the care of two-year-old boy


As the Spanish Newspapers “La Vanguardia” and “El País” to write, want to dig the Savior of a slope from a horizontal Tunnel to the wellbore. The forces wanted to approach the point at which you suspect the boy, according to “La Vanguardia”. A government delegate is quoted as saying that this was the safest Option. Even in the Morning, the volunteers had considered, a shaft parallel to the borehole.

The family will hear the child cry

The Small is supposed to be like on Sunday lunch during a trip with his family to the countryside in the open slot, which has a diameter of only 25 centimetres. With a camera in front of penetrated to a depth of nearly 80 meters and found a bag of candy that had Julen. Because earth have dissolved, the plug of the shaft, come with the camera so far, but no further forward, informed the rescue teams. The shaft is 110 feet deep.

The police had admitted on Monday that they had “no physical proof” that the child was actually in the hole. On the basis of the information provided by the parents hear the child in the shaft would have to cry, to rule out other possibilities first though.

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