He is still there and this alone is a considerable achievement. Already, dozens of high-ranking government employees of Donald Trump are excreted in less than two and a half years in office. However, Stephen Miller, Advisor and speechwriter in the White house, has not only survived fighting all of the Personnel castlings and power, his Power is even grown. The U.S. President thinks the 33-Year-old – the Common denominator is that a hard line in the immigration policy.

Miller’s rising influence is evident in the resignation of homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. You had to go, because Trump and Miller thought they were too soft – even though they had implemented in the last year, intermittently pursued harsh practice of the separation of Central American immigrant families on the border. A government employee told the Wall Street Journal, Trump got transferred to Miller recently, the primary responsibility for immigration policy.

Stephen Miller was the main author of the entry bans for citizens of Muslim countries

The further appreciation of the Millers, that Trump wants to intensify its action against immigration. So could, according to US media reports, again for the parents separate accommodation of migrant children passed – even if Trump said recently that this was not planned. Also stricter criteria for the granting of Asylum and a more vigorous approach to the construction of the border wall are therefore possible.

Miller also has shaped so far, the immigration policy of the Trump-government is essential. He was the main author of the entry bans for citizens of Muslim States that adopted the Trump, shortly after taking office, and were finally, after a long court dispute in a milder Form. Became famous in the dispute on the entry spell of Miller’s authoritarian saying: “the powers of The President to protect our country, are very comprehensive and are not to be questioned”.

Trump-opponent see Miller as a senior darkling

last year, Miller made sure that Trump stopped a non-partisan in the Congress negotiated proposal for immigration reform – what of the Trump adviser to angry criticism of the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

but especially for many of the pronounced Trump-opponent, Miller is the top darkling in the environment of the President. A visit to a restaurant in the capital, he has abusive can be used to endure. Once Miller is supposed to according to media reports, even from the wrath of Sushi Takeaway to the value of $ 80 have thrown away – because a restaurant employee had shown two finger.

“Fire and Fury”-revelations

“the garbage-author of the trash book”: CNN breaks the turbulent flow the Interview with Trump-adviser

Ultimately grew the lanky young man with the sparse hair, the often expressionless look, rattling manner of speaking and penchant for dark suits, the opinion of his critics, but obviously don’t care. He wants most of all to the President like he is in ardent worship. As a “political genius” he referred to Trump. Also, this admiration has helped Miller in his rise certainly.

Miller worked for various members of Congress

Miller grew up in Santa Monica, California in a middle-class Jewish-left-liberal family, but went early to sharp distance, to the views of his parents. Already at High School he excelled as a right-wing provocateur, who railed against immigration and multi-culturalism. This Agitation, he continued, during the policy degree at the prestigious Duke University in the state of North Carolina.

After graduation, Miller worked in Washington for several members of Congress, including the arch-conservative Senator and, later, from the Trump to the Minister of justice appointed Jeff Sessions. Miller is expected to play a decisive role in the process of that already in 2013 failed, a cross-party calls for immigration reform.

How Sessions Miller then joined the campaign team Trumps, where he excelled as a speech writer and as a speaker. Also the dark, aggressive speech, which the President after his swearing-in in January offset in 2017, large parts of the world in fear, to be relevant to the youngster co-authored.

Daniel Jahn / vit / AFP

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