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British Minister blames EU Commission chief Juncker (14.45)Söder to take assaults on rail staff (10.18 PM): No ambition to candidacy (9.28 PM)Assange fails with legal action in Ecuador (7.14 PM)Gatwick to resume normal operation (6.26 PM)

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+++ 15.20 PM: Christmas fair-assassin of Strasbourg swore IS the Loyalty +++

The assassin of Strasbourg was one of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) sworn Allegiance to. Investigators discovered according to justice data, as of Saturday it on a USB Stick, a Video with an IS-loyalty oath of the assassin Chérif Chekatt.

shortly after the attack, the IS had claimed that the 29-Year-old was one of their “soldiers” have been, and the calling followed, citizens from member States of the Anti-IS coalition in Syria and Iraq to attack. France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner had this doubt, however.

+++ 14.45: Hair gonna tussle: British Minister blames EU Commission chief Juncker +++

The British labour Minister Amber Rudd has accused the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker “grotesque” and “horrible” behaviour towards women. “If something like this would happen in our Parliament, I hope that with a formal complaint,” said the former Minister in an Interview with the newspaper “The Telegraph”.

Specifically, it was about an incident a few days ago at the EU summit in Brussels. Juncker, the Deputy Protocol chief of the EU Commission, Pernilla Sjölin wuschelte, welcome strong through the blond hair. The Video captured scene is triggered in the short message service Twitter a lot of discussion. Juncker’s spokesman Margaritis Schinas didn’t want to comment on the allegations at the time. He said only: “We are very excited to work for a President who sees us as friends and partners.”

Rudd said in the Interview that you may also like Juncker, Prime Minister Theresa May at a Meeting at the Arm I held. The two have had a heated debate in connection with the Brexit. To see in the photos is, as Juncker may’s head to roll in. In your own Visit in Brussels, Rudd had often colds, to be able to keep your distance: “All the commissioners love to make big hugs.”

+++ 14.40 PM: Viennese death shooter more on the run – did well in the Mafia-Milieu +++

The attack in the centre of Vienna to the findings of the police, a settlement in the Milieu of Organised crime. Authorities will search for the unknown offender.

The man had shot and killed a 32-year-old on Friday afternoon in a Passage close to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The 23-year-old companion was shot at and injured life-threatening. Another companion at the age of 29 years, remained intact. The Trio was eating according to the police, immediately prior to the attack together in a restaurant. When you Leave the for its Wiener Schnitzel, well-known Restaurants, the shots were fired.

+++ 14.03 PM: Hessian CDU approves coalition agreement with the Greens to right +++

The Hessian CDU and the coalition contract with the Greens. The land Committee in Nidda unanimously for the Treaty, as the party announced. Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU), welcomed the vote. It had succeeded, with the Green “a pioneering program” for the country to negotiate. At the same time, the Central positions” of the CDU in the coalition agreement, would find themselves “again.

Bouffier has been in place for five years at the head of a black-green coalition. At the state election at the end of October, the Alliance had won, once again, the majority, but only just: The projection in the Parliament is only a voice.

+++ 14.00 PM: fire in the Russian mine – Nine workers trapped +++

In a mine in Russia West of the Ural mountains, a fire broke out. Nine miners were trapped underground, such as Russian media reported, citing the authorities. Savior, you would have had due to high temperatures and heavy smoke until the afternoon, do not reach. The miners were equipped with oxygen equipment. Eight workers rescued, therefore, unharmed.

has been in the local media about a methane-as a possible cause outlet speculated. The authorities rejected this, and reported on planned Work with concrete in the pit. It was unclear, however, if you were to actually do with the fire at 340 metres depth. The fire Department was on a long use in the potash mine near Solikamsk in the Perm Region.

+++ 13.13 PM: Turkmen President gives citizens with self-written Christmas song +++

The cult of personality that is prone Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuchamedow has blessed its citizens in time for the Festival with a self-written Christmas song. The state television presented the Song exclusive: in a Video Berdimuchamedow sitting at a white piano and sings the song “dream” in English, Turkmen and English, while his 14-year-old grandson accompanies him on the Synthesizer. In the Background, snowflakes on a screen.

With its “beautiful melody, and from the bottom of my heart coming words,” be gone, the Christmas song, “all listeners” and had left “a strong impression”, commented a presenter of the TV channel, Turkmen Owasy. The head of state Berdimuchamedow ruled Turkmenistan with an iron Hand and makes a cult of a considerable people. Opposition is not tolerated, freedom of the media.

+++ 12.10 PM: the U-boat after the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall destroyed +++

The U-boat, on the 2017 a sensational murder of a Swedish journalist was done, has been dismantled. The boat had been dismantled into pieces and then destroyed, was quoted by the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” Brian Belling of the Copenhagen police. The Builder of the boat, the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, was sentenced in September for the murder of the journalist Kim Wall to life in prison. In the judgment, the court had ordered at the same time that the 18-Meter-long U-should the boat be destroyed.

the Wall had want to write about Madsen a report and was stung in August 2017 from Copenhagen with him on the U-boat in the lake. After that, the 30-Year-old did not return, later in the Koge were found in Bay near Copenhagen, and after body parts. The court saw it as proven that Madsen tortured the woman sexual motif in the U-boat, and after her death Dectückelt on Board threw. The murder case had also engaged international, the Public and the media for months.

+++ 10.18 PM: Violent attacks on railway staff to take +++

employees of railway companies are always more likely to be victims of violent attacks. In just the first nine months of the year in 1981, attacks on the railway were reported to employees – more than in the entire year of 2015, wrote the Federal Ministry of the interior in answer to a request of the Left party in the Bundestag, the “Passauer Neue Presse” quoted. 2015 registered accordingly, in 1876, body injuries to railway employees, in 2016 there were 2374 and 2017 already 2550.

the Federal police, the registered Attacks were, according to the report slightly lower. There is also violent crime against employees of other railway companies. Accordingly, the number of reported Assaults in 2017, was in 1593 slightly lower than 2016 1666, although still significantly higher than 2015, in 1453.

The Left-deputies Sabine Zimmermann spoke of a “worrying trend” given the development. “The employees know daily their pent-up frustration over poor services of your company, in the worst case to violence,” said Zimmermann, labour market policy spokeswoman for your group, told the newspaper. The same is true for Post and package delivery company such as DHL. Not the employees were for bad Service, but the company guides, said Zimmermann.

classic the

Deutsche Bahn is the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket

creates a million people in the country discovered by him: The Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket of Deutsche Bahn stand for decades for budget travel. Now the tickets will be abolished and classic.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 10.05 PM: Prime Minister of lower Saxony supports Sarrazin-exclusion +++

The lower Saxony Prime Minister, and SPD Chairman Stephan Weil, the re-exclusion supports the party against the controversial author Thilo Sarrazin. He said that the party Executive can see good prospects of success for the procedure, said Because of the German press Agency in Hanover. “Sarrazin has given by its at the core of racist attitudes under the impression that within the SPD, anything and everything can be represented. This is not the case.” The party had clear lines that should not be exceeded.

On Monday, the SPD had announced that she wants to try again, to throw the former Berlin Finance Senator from the party. Reason, his theses, which were not with the principles of the SPD are compatible. Two previous Attempts had failed, because the hurdles are for a party of exclusion is very high.

+++ 9.28 PM: Söder: No ambitions to candidacy – + + +

The designated CSU leader Markus Söder wants to be according to their own figures the Chancellor candidate of the Union. “The CSU has no ambitions,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “My main task is in Bavaria.” He had also “planned” to be CSU-Chairman, stressed Söder. “I have put myself in the service of the party, after Horst Seehofer, has announced its withdrawal and other possible candidates have not declared that you are available.”

Söder wants to be at the special party Congress of the CSU in the 19th century. January as a party leader for the election and succession of Horst Seehofer’s line up, he has already inherited as Prime Minister. Söder is considered Seehofer’s eternal rival.

special party

the “Brute politicians Power”: Guttenberg Söder speaks the Suitability as CSU-Chairman

Markus Söder is to be elected in January, the CSU Chairman. However, a spanner in the works: Ex-defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg exerts significant criticism of Söder.

DPA +++ 8.46 PM: Many Dead in two terrorist attacks in Mogadishu +++

Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, has been rocked by two heavy bomb attacks. Initial police reports indicate that at least 15 people were killed. In the case of explosions near the presidential Palace consisted of two car bombs, detonated by Islamist suicide bombers, the police announced. The Thunder of the explosions had been heard throughout the city area. The death toll could rise further, said the police official Ahmed Bashane.

+++ 7.14 PM: Wikileaks founder Assange fails in bringing a case to court in Ecuador +++

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has failed in front of an Ecuadorian court with a lawsuit against the conditions of his accommodation in the London Embassy for asylum. The court of appeal in Pichincha dismissed the suit with the Argument that there are no violations of assange’s rights were visible, said his lawyer, Carlos Poveda, the AFP news Agency in Quito. Assange has lived since 2012 in the Embassy to avoid extradition. “We have lost,” said the lawyer. In order for the remedies to be exhausted in the appeal process for his clients. The court noted the inadmissibility of the action.

+++ 6.26 PM: London Airport Gatwick to resume normal flight operations +++

in The days since because of around for on-the-fly drones for the disabled air traffic for the London Airports of Gatwick to return on Saturday back to normal operation. “Our runway is open,” stand on Saturday morning on the website of the airport. A few hours earlier, the investigation of the targeted drones had led-disruptive actions to the arrest of two suspects.

+++ 6.04 PM: heavy truck with Airbus A320 +++

aircraft in the traffic circle, remain in the traffic circle are A technical breakdown of a heavy goods vehicles car drivers in the baden-Althengstett württemberg, brought a most unusual sight. The wingless fuselage of a Airbus A320-Laden vehicle stopped in a traffic circle. A Reuters photographer had accompanied the semi-trailer. The managing Director of the transport company, Rainer Schmidt, told the German press Agency, the breakdown due to a ruptured hydraulic hose on the Truck. “This is just bad luck. But in the case of shipments of this order of magnitude which can always happen.”

+++ 5.15 PM: detentions in the North of Baden: the motive of the terror suspects more unclear +++

After the arrest of three terror suspects in Northern Baden investigators to go on the weekend more open-ended questions. The 39-year-old woman and the two 33 and 49-year-old men were already at the Wednesday closedchabend in four house searches in Mannheim and in the Rhine-Neckar-circle have been arrested. As the public Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe and the Landeskriminalamt Baden-informed Württemberg, the three suspected of a serious act of violent Subversion prepared. In addition, are under investigation for illegal possession of weapons. New information the police made on the night to Saturday.

+++ 3.37 PM: star designer Raf Simons is leaving Calvin Klein +++

The Belgian designer Raf Simons is leaving Calvin Klein after almost two and a half years as a creative Director. The American clothing company PVH informed, the well-known fashion brand. Therefore, both sides are “friends” because of the new brand positioning of Calvin Klein, the Simons did not agree.

Simon had first started his own fashion label and then for a few years Dior worked. There he was replaced in July 2016 by Maria Grazia Chiuri, who had previously been at Valentino. The following month he took the lead at Calvin Klein.

+++ 1.23 PM: Canada condemns arbitrary detention of its citizens in China +++

Canada has protested against the “arbitrary arrest” of two citizens in China. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland invited to Beijing for the immediate release of the two Canadians who are in need, in the opinion of observers as a means of pressure in the delivery method of the Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in the United States.

“Canada is a country that is governed by the rules of the law,” said Freeland to the address in Beijing. Accordingly, the proceedings against Meng Wanzhou the course of “fair, impartial and transparent”. The Minister stressed that the rule of law is “fundamental” for all the free companies, “and we will defend this principle, and upheld”. The rule of law is the “bedrock of democracy”. Also, the US foreign Ministry revealed in a statement “deeply concerned” about China’s approach and demanded the immediate release of the two Canadians.

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