That Green-chief Robert Habeck interfere in the Thuringian election campaign, is nothing out of the ordinary. He says in a released Video, that the Green “try to make everything in order that Thuringia is an open, free, liberal, democratic country”, by contrast, is very unusual. His statements about the East German state ensured irritations – especially since the Greens in Thuringia are already in the government. His words have given him a huge Shitstorm in social media. In front of the Bavarian state Parliament election in October 2018 Habeck had taken care of that already created a sensation in the network. At the time, he was required to complete the CSU-alone rule, so you could say: “Finally there is democracy in Bavaria”.

“How stupid you must be to commit a mistake twice?

Because of the now deleted Twitter videos to Thuringia Habeck draws radical consequences: He wants to delete his Profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Both on Twitter as well as on Facebook Habeck has nearly 50,000 Followers. Remorseful, Robert Habeck was presented in a detailed Statement that he published on his website and on his Facebook page. Self-critical, he begins his Text: “the beginning of the year, which in digital terms is double: First the attack on the most private data of my families, which were published via Twitter. Then again on Twitter is a mistake on my part – and the same for the second Time: How stupid you must be to commit a mistake twice?” This question does not have him let go of the “last night”. Then he tries to justify his Video scandal of Thuringia. He had used the word “will”. Actually, he did want to “say”. A “real mistake,” he writes.

Bye Bye, twitter, and Facebook A the beginning of the year, which in digital terms is double: First the attack on the…

Posted by Robert Habeck on Monday, may 7. January 2019

attack on politicians and celebrities

IT professional, explains how the data thieves and why it is not a political attack

Finn, Robert Habeck to Facebook and Twitter Rütten: “I will both turn off”

Twitter, the Green-head, “like no other digital Medium so aggressive”, in no other Medium is so much “hate, malice and propaganda to be found”. He himself had not been immune. His misconduct must have consequences. Therefore, he pulls the ripcord and He decided to delete his Twitter account. But that’s not all: Habeck, adopt as it looks currently, completely of the social media. In the last week, that became known to the German Bundestag-Hack several private Facebook to tapped conversations between him and his family and in the network have been published. It was now also the reason Facebook shut down. For the chief of a great party is not a minor step. He even admits at the end of his statement, that this step could be a “political mistake” because he robs himself of reach so that his and the “direct communication with quite a lot of people”.

sources: Facebook page of Robert Habeck / DPA / Twitter account of Robert Habeck / Twitter account of B’90/GREEN Thüringen

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