The former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be sworn in on Thursday as a U.S. Senator. Before taking office, the Republican published an editorial in the “Washington Post”, in which he settles accounts with his party colleagues Donald Trump. The US President going to his office, wrote to Romney about his party friend. The country was thus “divided, upset and angry” that the “character qualities” from the President “be indispensable”. In this area, but the “deficit” of the incumbent is particularly “striking”.

Romney announced that he was going to deal with Trump, as with any other President. “I’m not going to comment on every Tweet or errors,” wrote the future Senator. “But I’m going to be taken against the important position or actions, the divisive, racist, sexist, immigrants are hostile or dishonest or democratic institutions damage”.

Wants to take Mitt Romney 2020 against Donald Trump?

In the American media, it is speculated that after Romney’s payroll about whether or not he wanted to replace the outgoing Republican Senator Jeff Flake as a Trump-critics. Some commentators even believe that Romney could compete in the presidential election of 2020 against Trump.

U.S. presidential election, 2020

Left-wing Democrat want to challenge Donald Trump out


In the election campaign of 2016 had criticized the former investment banker and Ex-Governor of the state of Massachusetts Trump as an “imposter” and “cheater”. Trump called Romney that was set in 2012 against Barack Obama, as one of the “dumbest and worst” presidential candidate of the Republicans.

According to Trumps electoral victory, Romney went back to his criticism. In the meantime, he was even traded as a possible foreign Minister. Later supported Romney, the tax reform from the President and said, Trump have excelled in his first year in office, his “expectations”. Trump supported, for its part, Romney’s Senate candidacy. Romney will be a “great Senator,” he wrote at the time in the online service Twitter.

Romney complains: Trump has become his office does not meet

Romney recalled in his Newspaper article, that he did not support trump’s presidential candidacy. But he said that he hoped that Trump would, as President, to insults, – these hopes have not been fulfilled, despite encouraging personnel decisions, wrote Romney’s former chief of staff, John Kelly, and the retired Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, who were in the White house as a resting pole.

Trump has come to his office in the past two years, particularly bad as it was but in the last month, wrote Romney’s view on Trumps decision for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, and Mattis’ resignation. In December it went with a trump presidency, “steep” downhill.

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