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the French Illustrator and author Tomi Ungerer (12.44 p.m.)city hall, Los Angeles fights plague of rats (11.05 PM)Scholz supported Nahles’ reform plans (5:07)summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi (1:54 PM)integration Council against the English at elementary schools (0:03 PM)

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+++ 12:44 p.m.: the French Illustrator and author Tomi Ungerer is dead +++

The French draughtsman, caricaturist and children’s book author Tomi Ungerer is dead. He died at the age of 87 years, in Ireland, in the house of his daughter, as several French media reported on Saturday according.

+++ at 11:14: athletes escape – Iranian Boxer after your arrival in Vienna “gone” +++

is missing for A member of the Iranian national Box season after the arrival of the team in Vienna. According to the news Agency Isna Mobin Kahrareh on last Wednesday, after the arrival at the airport Wien-Schwechat probably dropped from the team, in order to apply for in Austria a political asylum.

+++ 11:05 p.m.: the town hall of Los Angeles is fighting against rat plague. + + +

The city hall of Los Angeles – known from movies like “Chinatown” or “L. A. Confidential, has a rat problem. To the continuing plague, let out the administration, carpeted floors, tearing, Traps and rooms smoke – so far to no avail. Members of the city Council reports, the rodents would spread in the 91-year-old building to your heart’s content. They nested in potted plants, gnawed to the carpets, leaving behind feces on several floors.


the hunter becomes the hunted: The had imagined this cat is different

+++ at 11:04: 57 Dead by adulterated liquor in India +++

After consumption of adulterated alcohol in India, the death toll rose to 57. The competent authorities in the two neighboring North Indian States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand on Saturday. The police arrested 30 people in connection with the incident, including numerous black-and-dealer.

+++ 10:14 p.m.: the First Russian spaceman to want to bring 2031 walk on the moon +++

Russia in the age of twelve, for the first time cosmonauts to the moon. After 2031 it is every year, manned flights to the moon. This is clear from a document of the Russian space Agency Roscosmos, the news Agency Ria Novosti reported on Saturday. 2032 to land, therefore, the second crew on the moon, and a special vehicle for excursions for future cosmonauts to bring.

+++ 9:35 PM: report: Apple goes against the unauthorized use of recording Apps before +++

The US technology giant Apple a media report, according to against Apps, the store without permission and without the knowledge of the iPhone user data. Apple have asked the developers of Smartphone programs to use no Software anymore that record user behavior without consent, reported the industry-service “TechCrunch” on Friday. Otherwise, the programs would be taken from the App Store.

1000 Euro in month

How does the unconditional basic income?

+++ 7:44 PM: an Experiment in Finland: basic income will make you happier +++

A basic income is not increasing according to a study by the well-being of the recipient, however, leads to more employment. This is the preliminary result, researchers in Finland. Final conclusions from the Experiment could however not be drawn, since not all the data have been evaluated. In Germany, too, has been discussed for a long time on models such as an unconditional basic income, the fronts go partly across the parties.

About two years of randomly selected unemployment in Finland had been paid in Finland in 2000 to 560 euros a month. The money did not have to pay tax on the subjects between the ages of 25 and 58 years. 31. December ended the Experiment.

+++ 7:15 p.m.: tens of thousands of households in Sydney after a storm temporarily without power +++

A violent storm has caused a hold in the Australian metropolis Sydney for power outages in the tens of thousands of house. After thunderstorms and heavy rain, more than 40,000 households were in the night to Saturday, according to information from energy suppliers temporarily without electricity. More than 5000 of them remained, therefore, also on Saturday morning from the power supply is cut off.

+++ 7:43 PM: sister of Thailand’s king no longer occurs in the case of parliamentary elections +++

After the criticism of Thailand’s king Maha Vajiralongkorn and his sister to come in and sit in the parliamentary election in March. The party Thai Raksa Chart pulled back the candidacy of Princess Ubolratana for the office of the Prime Minister on Saturday. You can add yourself to the “Royal Assembly”, stated the party.

The king had criticized the candidacy of his older sister on Friday as “inappropriate and unconstitutional”. To bring a high-ranking member of the Royal family in the policy, was “against the Royal traditions and culture of the Nation,” it said in a statement. The monarchy is above politics.

+++ 7:09 p.m.: media: Second woman accuses the Deputy-Governor of Virginia sexual Assault before +++

After the racism allegations against the democratic Governor of the US state of Virginia has, according to media reports, a second woman accused of being his Deputy, a sexual Assault. The “Washington Post” reported on Friday, a woman from Maryland, throwing the Vice-Governor Justin Fairfax, a “deliberate and aggressive” attack in the year 2000, both at Duke University studied. According to CNN, the woman, rape charges allegations against Fairfax.

Fairfax would take in the event of a resignation, the office of the under considerable pressure Gourverneus Ralph Northam. The 39-Year-old was rejected on Monday accusations by another woman, sharply. The encounter in a hotel room 15 years ago was “a hundred percent in agreement,” said Fairfax.

prices are rising immensely

If Germany has an inflation rate, such as Venezuela, …

+++ 5:22 p.m.: Guaidó U.S. military intervention in Venezuela +++

Venezuela’s self-appointed transitional President Juan Guaidó does not want to exclude an authorized U.S. military intervention in the South American crisis of the state. He will do “everything Necessary” to save lives, said the opposition, President of the Parliament of the Freitag to the AFP news Agency in an Interview. He acknowledged, however, that Intervention by the USA was a “very controversial topic”.

+++ 5:07 Scholz supported Nahles’ Plan for welfare state reform +++

The SPD leader Andrea Nahles has in their plans for moving away from the social system Hartz IV, and thus for a reorientation of the party, obviously the back cover of Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The time have changed, the SPD would therefore suggest a good fifteen years after the most recent fundamental reforms to “re-modernisation of the social state”, – said the Vice-party chief of “süddeutsche Zeitung”. On Sunday and Monday, the SPD wants to advise the Board on a two-day conference on concrete ideas.

+++ 4:47 am to: Herrmann calls for registration of all arrivals and Departures in Europe +++

Prior to the “Workshop” of the CDU to the in-migration has voted Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) for a European entry and exit register. “We need to have a clear control over who enters the European Union,” said Herrmann of düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. The United States had after the attacks of 2001, a comprehensive registration system for entries and Exits created, it works exceptionally well.

+++ 3:20 p.m.: More than 500 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Ebola +++

In the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the number of Ebola deaths has risen to have died within six months, to more than 500. Since August, 502 people died and 271 people become healthy, informed, the Ministry of health in Kinshasa on Friday evening. Among the dead were 441 confirmed Ebola cases and 61 suspected cases. With 147 deaths, the 800,000 residents of the city of Beni in the troubled province of North Kivu is particularly strong.


fourth graders at an elementary school report. Have children with a migrant background, it is omitted in the school easier, if in English?

©Frank Molter DPA +++ 1:54 p.m.: the Second summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi instead of +++

The second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un’s capital Hanoi in the Vietnam. The Trump announced on Friday evening (local time) on Twitter. That the Meeting on the 27th. and 28. February would be held in Vietnam, had already been known. The exact site had not informed the White house but, as of yet.

+++ 0:03 PM: integration Council for the abolition of English in primary schools +++

Tayfun Keltek, Chairman of the integration Council, in favour of primary schools and more Turkish, Polish, and Russian. “I am in favour of the English lessons in primary schools should be abolished – not just in the first two years of school. Best foreign would learn languages, if you set the language from native speakers would be taught,” said Keltek to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. “About a third of all children in North Rhine-Westphalia has a migration background. You speak, for example, Turkish, Russian, Polish. For the German children, it would be easier, they would learn these languages. And the migrant children would have more time to focus on the German,” added Keltek. In Cologne 50 percent of the children had a migration background. “They grow up bilingual. It would be better to deepen the knowledge of the mother tongue and in English, then the English you later,” said Keltek.

anb / DPA / AFP

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