The handle to ready-made meals spent in the Trend, said the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) on Wednesday at the presentation of the food reports in 2019.

While it depends for 99 percent on the taste, for 91 per cent on health and at least 48 percent on ease of preparation, calorie content, and price is a little more in the back.

a Good third (36 per cent) of the calorific value is particularly important, with just under a third (23 per cent) of the price of the food.

Klöckner draws conclusions for the reduction of sugar, fat and salt in ready meals that you want to bring together with the food industry: “the fact That we can all make a theoretical Plan for what is healthy, but in the end it will not bring all anything, if it tastes good.” Therefore, will not be required, to reduce the sugar by about half. Products would then be a non-starter.

The annual food report is based on a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Forsa. Accordingly, 28 percent of the German daily meat and sausage, only one percent is vegan, and six percent eat vegetarian. Between East and West Germany, there are visible differences: In the East, 43 percent of daily meat and sausage to eat according to their own statements, in the West, only 26 per cent. On the other hand, 80 percent in the East, to eat fruit and vegetables daily, in the West, there are only 69 per cent.


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